What is another term for peak?

What is another term for peak?

Some common synonyms of peak are acme, apex, climax, culmination, pinnacle, and summit. While all these words mean “the highest point attained or attainable,” peak suggests the highest among other high points.

What is getting off a train called?

alight. verb. formal to get off a train, bus, or other vehicle.

What does train off mean?

Definition of train off intransitive verb. 1 : to get out of training by relaxing a regimen or by going stale. 2 : swerve, veer. transitive verb. : to eliminate (excess body weight) by exercise and diet.

What is the peak of a mountain called?

A summit is a point on a surface that is higher in elevation than all points immediately adjacent to it. The topographic terms acme, apex, peak (mountain peak), and zenith are synonymous.

What means the opposite of peak?

Peak means; the pointed top of a mountain, top, apical, terminal. Opposites of Peak; nadir. bottom. toe.

What is the synonym of get off?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for get off, like: leave, depart, go, descend, get-down, embark, light, escape, get, get away and alight.

What is the word for getting off a ship?

Definition of disembark transitive verb. : to remove to shore from a ship. intransitive verb. 1 : to go ashore out of a ship. 2 : to get out of a vehicle or craft.

What is the difference between parade and cavalcade?

As verbs the difference between parade and cavalcade is that parade is to march or to display while cavalcade is to move as part of a series or group, such as marchers in a parade or snow in an avalanche, especially in large numbers or in a chaotic or dangerous fashion.

What does toothsome mean in English?

Definition of toothsome 1a : agreeable, attractive. b : sexually attractive a toothsome blonde. 2 : of palatable flavor and pleasing texture : delicious crisp toothsome fried chicken.

What is a off-peak train?

What is classed as an Off-Peak train time? An Off-Peak train time is classed as any time outside the busiest times of rail travel. Usually outside of commuting hours and during weekends.

What are off-peak trains?

At Trainline, when searching for train times on our website or app, we’ll highlight the Off-Peak trains so they’re easy to spot. Off-Peak times vary by train company but generally fall outside of commuter hours in the mornings and evenings, Monday to Friday.

What is an off peak train ticket?

Off-Peak train times. Off Peak trains offer cheaper tickets for travelling on trains that are less busy. Providing good value for money, these tickets typically require you to travel at certain times of the day, days of the week or via a particular route.

What is the meaning of off peak?

Definition of off-peak : not being in the period of maximum use or business : not peak telephone rates during off-peak hours First Known Use of off-peak 1911, in the meaning defined above

What is the difference between off-peak day return and Super Off peak?

Off-Peak Day Return. The outward and return journey must be made on the same date as shown on the ticket but on any Off-Peak train. Super Off-Peak. For the quietest times of day. They offer the same type of flexibility as Off-Peak tickets but have further restrictions on travelling at only Super Off-Peak times.