What is ArchestrA in Wonderware?

What is ArchestrA in Wonderware?

The heart of the “Wonderware System Platform” is the ArchestrA infrastructure, which provides the underlying architecture for common services and integration. The goal was to provide a platform with common controls and development tools for integrating and managing legacy systems with the latest software.

What is an ArchestrA galaxy?

A Galaxy is the entire application, the complete ArchestrA system consisting of a single logical name space and a collection of Win platforms, App engines and objects. And a Galaxy Repository (GR) is the software sub-system consisting of one or more Galaxy database.

What is ArchestrA bootstrap?

The bootstrap simply allows the “galaxy repository” server (main server that stores the database and configuration information) to install software objects remotely on the target platform.

What is Wonderware system platform?

The Wonderware System Platform is a highly secure development and deployment environment that can be configured to control system access and user rights, along with tracking system changes by user. Wonderware System Platform supports Microsoft Integrated Security, SmartCard and other security protocols and methods.

What is Wonderware Omi?

AVEVA System Platform with Operations Management Interface (OMI) is the world’s only responsive, scalable solution for supervisory, Enterprise SCADA, MES, and IIoT applications that contextualizes operations processes across the organization.

What is InTouch galaxy?

An ArchestrA Galaxy is your specific production environment to run your managed InTouch applications. It is a collection of platforms, engines, application objects, templates, instances, and attributes you define as the parts of your specific application.

How do I open ArchestrA IDE?


  1. In the IDE go to the Graphic Toolbox.
  2. Open a Symbol for editing by double clicking on it.
  3. The symbol should be shown as open on the taskbar.
  4. On the keyboard press ALT+V, this will open the View Menu, and this may be visible on the screen.

What is smart symbol in InTouch?

SmartSymbols are Wonderware® InTouch® graphics that are converted into reusable templates. Changes that you make to a SmartSymbol template propagate to all instances of the SmartSymbol throughout the application.

What is Wonderware InTouch?

Wonderware InTouch. Wonderware InTouch enables users to quickly and easily create and centrally manage standardized, reusable, industrial applications; maximizing return on engineering, shortening project times, reducing risk and significantly reducing total cost of ownership. Wonderware System Platform.

Can archestra system platform be implemented in a virtual environment?

ArchestrA System Platform Virtual Implementation Guide. Welcome. This guide describes the implementation of ArchestrA System Platform in a virtualized environment, using VMware vSphere technology, failover clustering, and other strategies to create High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability with Disaster Recovery capabilities.

What is archestra?

ArchestrA is a comprehensive automation and information software open architecture designed to integrate and extend the life of legacy systems by leveraging the latest, open industry standards and software technologies.

How much memory and storage does the intouch archestra system platform have?

Processor Host Compatible Processor with 2-4 Cores Virtual CPUs 2 vCPUs Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Memory 4 GB Storage 80 GB System Platform Products Installed Application Server Runtime only and InTouch ArchestrA System Platform Virtual Implementation Guide Planning the Virtualization Environment  63

How many di objects does archestra support?

Number of DI objects: 6 ArchestrA System Platform Virtual Implementation Guide 14  Chapter 1 Implementing High Availability Using vSphere VMware Distribute d Resources Scheduling (DRS)