What is Arcoroc glass?

What is Arcoroc glass?

ARCOROC GLASSWARE Arcoroc is a brand name used by Arc International (headquartered in Arques, France) primarily for their commercial-grade ware (glassware made to withstand heavier abuse than items sold for typical home use), such as drinkware, barware, dinnerware, cookware, serving bowls, etc, used especially in …

Is Arcoroc a luminarc?

Luminarc and Arcoroc are two of the brand names of ARC International (Arcopal, Cris d’Arques and Mikasa are three others). Most of their glassware is produced in a plant in Millville, New Jersey (the Durand Glass Manufacturing Company).

Is Arcoroc glass safe?

Safety. Arcoroc research and design has developed glassware that is extremely rugged, but is also health and safety conscious.

Is Arcoroc glass lead free?

When tested with an XRF instrument this small vintage clear glass Arcoroc juice tumbler (Made in France) tested positive for Lead with the following reading: 223 ppm. Here are some Amazon affiliate links* to similar, modern (“Made in France”) lead-free glasses (#SaferChoices!):

Is Arcoroc glass dishwasher safe?

Dishwasher Safe This item can safely be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

Is Arcoroc glassware oven proof?

Microwave, dishwasher and freezer proof, the bowls are perfect for use at several stages of your food preparation process, delivering fantastic results every time. Incredibly versatile, the bowls are ideal for preparing, mixing and displaying your food. These bowls are not safe for use in ovens.

What are luminarc glasses made of?

Luminarc is microwave-safe because they’re glass-ceramic ware made of heatproof glass or ceramic.

Where is luminarc glassware made?

dinnerware. And what a sight it is to behold. Luminarc’s Arty dishes are made in France from tempered glass, which means they’re—heyo—thermal shock resistant, not to mention microwave and dishwasher safe. They won’t chip like stoneware can, either.

Is Arcoroc good quality?

Arcoroc is an established manufacturer of high quality tableware, chosen by professional chefs, restaurateurs and sommeliers for its durability and comprehensive range.

Is Arcoroc glass tempered?

This Arcade 38 ounce bowl is made using fully tempered glass that is shock and heat resistant and perfect for serving salad, dessert, or appetizers. …

Is Arcoroc France glass microwave safe?

This item can safely be used in the microwave for food service applications.

Is Arcoroc heat resistant?

From hot to cold with no risk of breakage Tempered and opal items are treated to withstand temperature variations of 135°C. Other products can only withstand a temperature variation of 80°C.

What are the different sizes of Arcoroc glasses?

Arcoroc G3960 16 Oz. Mixing Glass – 24 / CS . Arcoroc Excalibur Fully Tempered Breeze Wine Glass, 11 3/4 Ounce – 48 per case. . . Temporarily out of stock. . . In stock soon. . Arcoroc N0504 Skyscraper 16 Oz. Cooler Glass – 12 / CS . Arcoroc Islande Shot Glasses 55ml (Pack of 12) Without filling line, with handle. .

What will you find in the Arcoroc collection?

Comprising flat, soup, oval and rectangular plates (with or without rims), individual bowls, ramekins, salad bowls, and more, this all-inclusive collection will meet… Combining the good and the beautiful… this is the challenge that the Arcoroc teams want you to rise to!

Why Arcoroc glassware?

Arcoroc’s passion is to meet the hospitality industry’s requirements today and in the future. By reinventing what they do every day, they constantly aspire to raise the standards of glassware while improving the use, resistance and safety of their products.

How many Arcoroc Islande shot glasses are left?

Arcoroc Islande Shot Glasses 55ml (Pack of 12) Without filling line, with handle. . Only 19 left in stock (more on the way). . .