What is assembly information file?

What is assembly information file?

The AssemblyInfo file is used to document your dlls or exes to describe where the code comes from, its version etc. If your code is publicly available then its certainly good practice to make sure you add useful information too it.

How do I add assembly information?

Specifying Assembly Information in Visual Studio

  1. Select the project in Solution Explorer > Right Click > Properties > Application Tab.
  2. Click the Assembly Information button.
  3. This will open the Assembly Information dialog box .

How do I find assembly information?

To display the contents of an assembly using Ildasm.exe, enter ildasm at a command prompt. For example, the following command disassembles the Hello.exe assembly. To view assembly manifest information, double-click the Manifest icon in the MSIL Disassembler window.

What is assembly in C?

An Assembly is a basic building block of . Net Framework applications. It is basically a compiled code that can be executed by the CLR. An assembly is a collection of types and resources that are built to work together and form a logical unit of functionality.

Where do I put assembly attributes?

Assembly attributes like that must be before any namespace or class (or other type) declarations in the code file in question. I’d usually put it outside of any class declarations, and indeed namespace declarations. It could go anywhere (except within a class), and AssemblyInfo.

How do I create an assembly file?

I can get the Assembly Version with the following line of code: Version version = Assembly. GetEntryAssembly(). GetName().

What is assembly attribute?

Assembly attributes are values that provide information about an assembly. The attributes are divided into the following sets of information: Assembly manifest attributes. Strong name attributes.

What is AssemblyInfo file C#?

When you create a C# Windows application project, an AssemblyInfo. cs file is created to define various attributes for the program assembly. An attribute in C# is a declarative tag that affects the settings or behavior exhibited by an assembly, type (such as a class), or type member (such as a method or property).

What is AssemblyInfo File C#?

How do I open AssemblyInfo Cs in Visual Studio 2019?

cs by right clicking the project and chosing properties. In the application tab fill in the details and press save, this will generate the assemblyInfo.

What is the difference between assembly version and file version?

AssemblyVersion: Specifies the version of the assembly being attributed. AssemblyFileVersion: Instructs a compiler to use a specific version number for the Win32 file version resource.

How do I get assembly name?

If you know the assembly’s file system path, you can call the static (C#) or Shared (Visual Basic) AssemblyName. GetAssemblyName method to get the fully qualified assembly name.

What is the purpose of the assemblyinfo c file?

Holds copyright information for product or assembly. Assembly or product trademark information. Provides information on what languages the assembly supports. To access the values of the AssemblyInfo.cs file within your C# code you will need to employ the System.Reflection namespace.

Where can I find the assemblyinfo file?

In Solution Explorer, the AssemblyInfo file is located in the My Project node for Visual Basic projects (click Show All files to view it). For C# projects, it’s located under Properties. For more information, see Attributes (C#). To access this dialog box, select a project node in Solution Explorer, and then, on the Project menu, select Properties.

Where does the assembly information dialog box get its information?

All of the information saved within the Assembly Information dialog box gets stored in the AssemblyInfo.cs file. This class file is maintained by Visual Studio and can be seen by expanding the Properties node in the Solution Explorer. Open the file to see the project information located within the Assembly Information attributes.

How do I get Assembly information in C sharp?

Tips, tricks, and example programs for C# programmers. Get assembly information in C#. To set a project’s assembly information, open the Project menu, select Properties, click the Application tab, and click the Assembly Information button. When you do, you’ll see the Assembly Information dialog shown on the right.