What is Bach flower Gentian for?

What is Bach flower Gentian for?

Helps to inspire a positive attitude when you feel discouraged or despondent due to setbacks.

What is Oak Bach flower remedy for?

…is the remedy for strong, steady people who never give up under adversity. They plough on with determination, and never consider resting until they are past the point of exhaustion. Oaks often have many people relying on them, and their sense of duty is strong.

Can you overdose on Bach flower?

It is impossible to overdose with the Bach Flower Remedies, they are 100% natural and safe. You can drink a whole bottle of Remedies and not “overdose.”.

What is Bach Larch used for?

Larch (Larix decidua): Larch, the remedy for those lacking self-confidence, is made by the boiling method. Larch wood is hard and resistant to rot and is used in fences, gates, staircases and garden furniture.

What is Indian gentian?

Indian Gentian (Andrographis paniculata) and has been renowned in India for thousands of years for its detoxifying and anti-infectious properties. The tropical shrub has delicate pink-purple flowers that produce small fruits containing six to 12 flattened seeds.

What is cherry plum used for?

The cherry plum trees’ fruits are edible and contain a good source of nutrition value that have potassium, calcium, phosphate, vitamin B and C, that are great for the body’s metabolism and nervous system. It can also be cooked and used for delicious pies, jams, tarts, etc.

What is Oak flower essence good for?

Oak flower essence is for the those who work too hard, who never give in or admit their limitations. For when you are exhausted but feel driven to carry on regardless. This essence helps you relax and stop for long enough to recharge your batteries and look at your priorities.

What does Oak flower essence do?

Product Description. Restore Endurance, with BACH Oak The BACH remedy Oak encourages the positive potential to remain strong while understanding your own limits. When the struggle is real and you are exhausted but push on anyway. Recognize your need to recharge.

Do flower essences expire?

However, if the flower essences are used properly, the 10-year shelf life is only a very conservative estimate. If stored and used properly, it is our personal experience—and that of other qualified practitioners throughout the world—that FES flower essences can remain potent for decades.

How do I choose Bach flower remedies?

Bach® Flower Chooser To find the right combination for you, ask yourself, “What am I struggling with?” or “How do I feel today?” and select remedies that you feel apply to you & your situation. You can select more than one flower category as needed. You may combine up to 7 remedies into your personal blend.

What is hornbeam oil used for?

…is used against feelings of exhaustion and tiredness that come before an effort has been made. The person in this state feels weary when he looks forward to the demands of the day. It’s easier to stay in bed or put off making a start, or find other things to do.

What is the meaning of the Larch flower?

Bach Flower – Larch (Larix Decidua) This Bach Flower Essence relates to the soul quality of self-confidence. The negative state usually stems from infancy, or even before birth, when the child takes on it’s parent’s negative attitude. This child grows up with a belief and a certainty of failure.