What is Camaret-sur-Mer like?

What is Camaret-sur-Mer like?

Camaret-sur-Mer in Brittany is a small town, some 2700 inhabitants, with a very scenic harbour, enormous dramatic cliffs and a very big monument. The village/town is old, very old.

How to get to Camaret-sur-Mer?

A few kilometres before reaching Camaret-sur-Mer, the GR 34 joins the coastline and the vegetation disappears. From here the views are spectacular and this is where I recommend starting your walk. Bus line 34 runs from Brest (a major town with airport and train access) to le Faou and then on to Landévennec and Camaret-sur-Mer.

What to see in Camaret-sur-Mer?

The last part of the harbour walls of Camaret-sur-Mer is dominated by a small fortress. The fortress is called the “ Tour Vauban ” (the Vauban Tower) after its architect, Sebastien Le Prestre, marquis of Vauban.

Where to visit between Camaret-sur-Mer and Audierne?

Between Camaret-sur-Mer and Audierne, the path visits only four towns—Camaret-sur-Mer, Morgat, Douarnenez and Audierne—large enough to offer a full range of services such as a grocery store, ATM, pharmacy—and a weekly market. Camaret-sur-Mer—Tuesday morning in July and August; the third Tuesday of the month throughout the year