What is canalla mean?

What is canalla mean?

noun. rat [noun] an offensive word for an unpleasant and untrustworthy person. creep [noun] (slang) a disgusting person.

What is Verde Spanish to English?

green in English is “VERDE”.

What is the synonym for scoundrel?

noun. 1’the lying scoundrel admitted that he was married to another woman’ rogue, rascal, good-for-nothing, reprobate, unprincipled person. cheat, swindler, fraudster, trickster, charlatan.

Is verde masculine or feminine?

Forming the plural of masculine and feminine adjectives ending in -e and -a in Spanish….Colours in Spanish.

Masculine singular verde
Feminine singular verde
Masculine plural verdes
Feminine plural verdes
English green

What colour is Rojo?

Colores básicos – Basic colours

Español English
rojo red
naranja orange
amarillo yellow
verde green

Is scoundrel a cuss word?

It is a bad/negative word. It means a dishonest or unscrupulous person; a rogue; a person who treats everyone badly and has no moral values. Example : That scoundrel Corney has been about some mischief—damn him!

What is a scoundrel person?

Definition of scoundrel : a disreputable person : rascal.

Is verde masculine or feminine Italian?

These colors remain unchanged by gender, but do change in the plural: verde (green), arancione (orange), marrone (brown), and celeste (light blue). I cani marroni. (The brown dogs.) Due giacche verdi.

Does verde change to Verda?

There is no neutral gender in spanish. It happens that the word is invariable: its form is the same in masculine and feminine. Easy examples are “verde”, “azul”, “naranja”, “común”, “inteligente”, “amable”.

What color is kahel?

Derived from the Spanish cajel, the word kahel is known as the Filipino equivalent of the color orange. Alternative names such as dalandan and naranha (from the Spanish naranja) can also be used.

How do Mexicans say brown in Spanish?

6 Answers

  1. marrón = brown.
  2. pardo = brownish grey.
  3. castaño = brown (for eyes and hair), chestnut coloured.
  4. café = brown (in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and.
  5. color café = coffee brown (all other countries)
  6. moreno = for hair, it can be used for brown as well as black, but it is normally just dark.
  7. color avellana = nut brown.

Can you call a girl rascal?

They’re not the same thing. ‘Rascal’ is a mild criticism as it has connotations of affection; it’s like saying someone is ‘naughty’ with an affectionate even approving tone. To call someone a ‘toerag’ has no affection whatsoever; rather, it is a serious put down with connotations of disgust and dislike.