What is cross field tubes?

What is cross field tubes?

In cross-field tubes — also called ‘M-type’ tubes after magnetrons — the electron beam moves under the influence of perpendicular static electric and magnetic fields.

What are two basic kinds of cross field amplifier?

There are two types of CFA based on its structure viz. forward wave CFA amd backward wave CFA. Forward wave CFA uses helix as slow wave structure while backward wave CFA uses bar line as slow wave structure.

What is a cross field device?

CROSSED-FIELD devices (also commonly. known as M-type devices) are high-power active microwave tubes and have wider appli- cations in pulsed radar and ECM (Okress ref. 1).

Which is a crossed-field structure microwave amplifier oscillator?

The Crossed-Field Amplifier (CFA), is a broadband microwave amplifier that can also be used as an oscillator (Stabilotron). It is a so-called Velocity-modulated Tube . The electric and magnetic fields in a CFA are perpendicular to each other (“crossed fields”).

How does a cross-field amplifier work?

The RF input is introduced into the slow wave structure. The alternating microwave field causes the electrons to alternately speed up and slow down. These disturbances grow larger as electrons spiral around the device, and electrons slow down as the RF energy grows. This produces amplification.

Which one of the following is a crossed-field tube?

Explanation: In a crossed field or ‘m’ type tubes, the focusing field is perpendicular to the accelerating electric field. Since the focusing field and accelerating fields are perpendicular to each other, they are called crossed field tubes. 6.

What are M type tubes?

1 CHAPTER 5 CROSSED-FIELD TUBES (M-TYPE TUBES) These tubes are also called M-Type tubes. In a crossed-field tube, the electrons emitted by the cathode are accelerated by the electric field and gain velocity , but the greater their velocity , the more their path is bent by the magnetic field.

How does a cross field amplifier work?

Which device is called as cross filed device and why?

The magnetron is called a “crossed-field” device in the industry because both magnetic and electric fields are employed in its operation, and they are produced in perpendicular directions so that they cross.

Which one of these is the cross field device?

The magnetron is a crossed-field device, meaning that the electric field and the magnetic field within the device are perpendicular to each other.

What is TWT amplifier?

A Traveling-Wave Tube or TWT Amplifier is a high power, high-frequency amplifier that is built using traveling wave tubes. A traveling-wave tube is a type of vacuum tube used to amplify high-frequency signals. The RF signal is amplified by absorbing power from a beam of electrons as it goes through the tube.

What is O type tube?

What are O type tube? In O – type tube a magnetic field whose axis coincides with that electron beam is used to hold the beam together as it travels the length of the tube. It is also called as linear beam tube.