What is cyber goth?

What is cyber goth?

Unlike a Trad Goth or a Romantic Goth, these Goths love techno and industrial music )possibly bands like Rammstein, Asphyxia or Angelspit), love advanced technology (hence “Cyber” Goth), and are usually more energetic people due to their love of techno/dance music.

What music do cyber Goths listen to?

Cyber goths listen to heavily electronic music in nature, very broad in range – from alternative electronic genres like EBM, future pop, industrial and power noise, through club-orineted dance music styles like trance and hard dance to other electronic genres including drum&bass, synthpop, gabber, and so on.

What was the best goth band of the 90s?

Two musicians from different backgrounds came together and somehow formed the best goth band of the 90’s. Their most essential track ‘Sparks’ is a gently floating, shimmering, crashing masterpiece. The lyrics are sublime. The song takes me to special moments in memory when I’ve felt the most alive.

What is the difference between Goth and cybergoth subculture?

As stated before, one of the major differences between Goth and Cybergoth subculture is music.