What is Defence postgraduate medical Deanery?

What is Defence postgraduate medical Deanery?

The Defence Postgraduate Medical Deanery (DPMD) is responsible for commissioning postgraduate medical training. This can take place in NHS Ministry of Defense hospitals, specialist units, some of which are abroad. Once completed, consultants will often be deployed for a few months every year.

What is a postgraduate deanery?

Postgraduate deans have the title ‘dean’ because they are responsible for Postgraduate programmes of study for doctors in training. This is an equivalent role to deans in HEIs.

What is deanery in medical?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An NHS deanery is a regional organisation responsible for postgraduate medical and dental training, within the structure of the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is deanery doctor?

The Deaneries are responsible for the management and delivery of postgraduate medical education and for the continuing professional development of all doctors and dentists. Generic type training courses for both trainers and trainees, covering areas such as Careers Guidance and How to Teach.

What is a deanery student?

Deaneries serve multiple NHS Trusts, are responsible for postgraduate education and training of doctors and dentists to standards set by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the General Dental Council (GDC), and are advised by Specialty Training Committees (STCs) with input from consultant doctors and surgeons.

What is a deanery in Catholic religion?

A deanery (or decanate) is an ecclesiastical entity in the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, the Evangelical Church in Germany, and the Church of Norway. A deanery is either the jurisdiction or residence of a dean.

What does deanery mean in the Catholic Church?

How many deaneries are there in the UK?

There are thirteen postgraduate deans in England, four in Scotland, one in Northern Ireland and one in Wales. Each will have an associated area where they are responsible for all trainees but due to the number of trainees in Wales and Northern Ireland, there is only one postgraduate dean for the entire nation.

What rank is a dean?

Almost every American law school, medical school, divinity school, or other professional school is part of a university, and so refers to its highest-ranking administrator as a dean.

Is deanery a word?

noun, plural dean·er·ies. the office, jurisdiction, district, or residence of an ecclesiastical dean.

What is deanery computer?

The binary system on computers uses combinations of 0s and 1s. This counting system is known as decimal, denary or base 10. A number base indicates how many digits are available within a numerical system. Denary is known as base 10 because there are ten choices of digits between 0 and 9.

What is a deanery approved scheme?

Deaneries are each advised by a Specialty Training Committee (STC), which includes consultants. Once a doctor accepts a post on a training programme the deanery allocates specific jobs, arranges educational supervision and provides the assessment of whether the doctors in training have demonstrated sufficient progress.

What does a deanery do?

Their remit includes making sure that doctors and dentists are given an adequate opportunity within training posts to realise their full potential and provide high-quality patient care. Much of the work of the deaneries focuses on training, supervision and career management to improve patient care and support practitioners, in particular:

What are the best deanery websites in the UK?

Website: www.easterndeanery.org Website: www.nwpgmd.nhs.uk/ Website: www.oxforddeanery.nhs.uk Website: www.severndeanery.nhs.uk/ Website: www.peninsuladeanery.nhs.uk/ Website: www.westmidlandsdeanery.nhs.uk Website: www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/

What is the Modernising Medical Careers programme?

Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) was introduced in 2007 as a programme of radical change to drive up the quality of care for patients through reform and improvement in postgraduate medical education and training. Website: www.easterndeanery.org Website: www.nwpgmd.nhs.uk/ Website: www.oxforddeanery.nhs.uk