What is Descenders available on?

What is Descenders available on?

AVAILABLE NOW ON STEAM, XBOX GAME PASS, PLAYSTATION 4 AND NINTENDO SWITCH. Descenders is extreme downhill mountain biking for the modern era, with procedurally generated worlds, and where mistakes have real consequences.

Is downhill on PS4?

You can grab it today from PlayStation Store, or you can pick up a physical copy from your favorite retailer. Descenders is extreme multiplayer downhill mountain biking in procedurally generated worlds, where mistakes have real consequences.

Can you get Descenders on iPhone?

DESCENDERS for iPhone/iPad Reviews – Metacritic.

How can I get free Descenders?

To celebrate the new free bike parks update for Descenders, the game is available to play for free, through the weekend on Steam. If you enjoy the game, after the free weekend, you can purchase it with a 40% discount.

What are some codes for Descenders?

All codes for Descenders

  • ADMIRALCREEP: Unlocks the AdmiralBulldog Jersey.
  • DRAE: Unlocks the Draegast Jersey.
  • YEAHTHEBOYS: Unlocks the Jackhuddo Jersey.
  • SPEEDISKEY: Unlocks the Jacksepticeye Jersey.
  • MANFIST: Unlocks the MANvsGAME Jersey.
  • NLSS: Unlocks the NLSS Jersey.
  • SMILE: Unlocks the RockLeeSmile Jersey.

How much money does Descenders cost?

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Region Current price Lowest price
United States $24.99 $12.49-50%
United Kingdom £19.99 £9.99-50%
Europe €24.99 €12.49-50%
Australia $33.45 $16.72-50%

Is shred 2 on PS4?

I couldn’t be more stoked to announce that my mountain bike game “Shred! 2 ft Sam Pilgrim” is now available for PS4 & PS5!

Is Descenders 2 player game?

Downhill biking game Descenders adds multiplayer as it exits Early Access. … Descenders is a downhill freeriding game where the worlds and trails are procedurally generated so you’ll never quite know what to expect. Parties can play through the whole game – including unmissable co-op only levels.

How do you get the Lux bike?

The sole Limited Lux item, the Lux Rainbow Bike, can only be acquired from completing every single challenge in The Grand Tour.

Who made Descenders?

RageSquidDescenders / Developer
Descenders is a cycling video game developed by Dutch studio RageSquid and published by No More Robots. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on 7 May 2019, for PlayStation 4 on 25 August 2020, for Nintendo Switch on 6 November 2020 and Xbox Series X and Series S on 8 June 2021.