What is dgld?

What is dgld?

Ownership of DGLD is ‘proven’ via the Bitcoin blockchain. This simple approach unleashes gold and renders it both digitally usable and physically redeemable on GOLD AVENUE. WHY DGLD? Your gold is held in a Swiss vault at the PAMP facility. The same facility trusted by industrials, miners and banks alike for more than 4 decades.

What is digital gold Ledger (dgld)?

DGLD is a digital proof of ownership of allocated gold which is physically held in a vault in Switzerland. The DGLD network leverages the power of the bitcoin network for security.

What is LBMA Gold and dgld?

It provides the convenience of a gold ETF with the independence of physical gold ownership and the 24/7 nature of digital assets. Before a new token is created, LBMA gold is allocated, placed in a Swiss vault, and DGLD representing that specific gold is created and sent to a DGLD wallet.