What is Dream 100 Strategy?

What is Dream 100 Strategy?

The goal of the Dream 100 is to take your ideal buyers from “I’ve never heard of this company” to “What is this company I keep hearing about?” to “I think I’ve heard of that company” to “Yes, I’ve heard of that company” to “Yes, I do business with that company.”

What is dream100?

The Deam 100 List concept is different. So the broad idea is that you identify your top 100 clients that you would like to win. It could be sales, it could be influencers/affiliates (who could put you in contact with your ideal prospects), it could be JV partners, it could even be geographical regions.

What is a dream 100 manager?

Originally devised by sales expert Chet Holmes but made famous by rockstar-level marketer Russel Brunson, then made into a whole book by copywriter and goat-herder Dana Derricks, the Dream 100 is a method of targeting the top 100 people who already have the audience that you want to have.

How do you make a dream list?

How To Create A List of 100 Dreams

  1. Let Ideas Flow Freely – Just Start Brainstorming & Writing.
  2. Reflect on Themes and Trends That Appear.
  3. Ask Yourself Specific Questions To Prompt Goals & Dreams.
  4. Include Small and Large Dreams.
  5. Group Similar Dreams Together.
  6. Let The List Simmer.
  7. Add Goals Over Time.

What are some examples of dreams?

Some of the most common dream themes are about:

  • falling.
  • being chased.
  • dying.
  • teeth.
  • being naked in public.
  • pregnancy.
  • flying.
  • sex or cheating.

How do I find my dream goals?

Make Your Dreams Real: How to Find Your Passion in Life

  1. Make a list of 100 Aspirations.
  2. Talk about your potential passions.
  3. Focus on one goal (not a dream)
  4. Express yourself creatively.
  5. Create a vision statement.
  6. Set small goals.
  7. Devote time to your passion each day.
  8. Creating habits for success.

What are the 10 most common dreams?

The 10 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

  • Being Chased. One of the most common experiences faced by both men and women alike is that of being chased by something or somebody.
  • Taking an Exam.
  • Flying.
  • Teeth Falling Out.
  • Driving.
  • Cannot Find Toilet.
  • Being Naked in Public.
  • Falling.

Can I achieve my dreams?

There is no greater time than now to begin to live your dreams. You can make your dreams come true if you put in the effort and make a reasonable plan. All you have to do is know what you want and take baby steps to be on your path to success.

What is the Dream 100 sales strategy?

The Dream 100 Sales Strategy (originated by the late Chet Holmes) is a balance of attracting both great and dream clients. Chet Holmes worked for Charlie Munger, one of the most celebrated investors in the world. He was a salesman at Munger’s company, where he had to make a hundred calls per day.

What is Chet Holmes’ Dream 100?

Those sometimes combined are what Chet Holmes would call, “The Dream 100.” What is the Dream 100? The Dream 100 is finding your one hundred dream partners and finding ways to work with them. That’s what makes this tactic amazing. It can work for podcasting, affiliate marketing, or (in my case) link-building.

How much does a Dream 100 book cost?

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How many of your clients are your dream clients?

You’ll always have many more “great clients” than “dream clients” – but the dream clients will make up 60%–80% of your revenue. It’s the 80/20 rule in action: “80% of your results come from only 20% of your clients.”