What is EASA?

What is EASA?

EASA officially opened for business on September 28, 2003. Under the regulation, EASA initially has responsibility for all design approvals, continued airworthiness, design organization approvals and environmental certification.

What is Annex 1 of the US/EU agreement?

European products, parts and appliances that can be imported from each EU member state are listed in the Appendix to Annex 1 of the U.S./EU Agreement. The scope for each member state is different and is based on the industry within the country, U.S. market potential, and U.S. familiarity with the NAA. Not all EU member states are in the Appendix.

Are non-EU countries EASA associated?

Yes. The non-EU European countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, are identified as “EASA associated countries.” EASA, as in the case with EU Member States, is the single approval authority for design related activity within the associated countries.