What is EGEG&G?

What is EGEG&G?

EG & G remained the only company with the proper supervisory credentials to manage this type of nuclear testing. The company was forced to develop geologic analytical capabilities and become a tunneling and mining operation as well. Furthermore, the government had also laid plans to establish a kind of oceanographic equivalent to NASA.

Why did EGEG&G buy a Texas emission testing agency?

EG & G purchased a Texas automobile testing agency in hopes of winning large emission monitoring contracts. However, the oil embargo destroyed the market for the clean, but gas-eating Wankel, and automobile environmental legislation was abandoned.

Why did EG and G go out of business?

In 1994, facing legal pressure from activists’ groups, EG & G announced that it would discontinue its nuclear-related endeavors as its various existing contracts expired. That same year, the company undertook a major reorganization to accommodate its newly acquired interests and the discontinuation of its nuclear business.

Where is the headquarters of EG and G?

In order to maintain close contact with MIT and its excellent nuclear and electronic engineering programs, EG & G set up its headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts, in northwest suburban Boston. EG & G was involved in the U.S. effort to build a more powerful nuclear weapon, the hydrogen bomb.