What is Enactus?

What is Enactus?

Enactus – Dedicated to making the world a better place through entrepreneurial action. We believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial act ion for others creates a better world for us all. Enactus: the largest experiential learning platform developing NextGen Leaders with a head for business and a heart for the world.

What does UNMC do?

An economic engine that fuels the state of Nebraska, UNMC is an innovator in the fight against health disparities. Our experts lead the response to the Ebola outbreak and the COVID-19 pandemic.

What makes UNMC unique in the 21st century?

That’s the story of UNMC in the 21st century: bold, innovative and at the forefront of health sciences research. UNMC is advancing work toward the elimination of HIV, thanks in large part to a brilliant chemist, whose impact may yet reach back to where he took his journey’s first steps.

What is the UNMC grow your own pathway?

701 Graduates More than 700 professionals from rural Nebraska have graduated from ‘grow your own’ pathway programs that offer UNMC admission and waive undergraduate tuition for those who intend to return to rural Nebraska to practice health care.