What is graffiti art?

What is graffiti art?

Graffiti artists have, in recent years, used their skills to make art that stops people in their tracks and some of these artists have made a name for themselves in the more “prestigious” art scenes.

What does this massive graffiti work look like?

This massive graffiti work took up 70 square feet and depicts a large, yellow character as he seems to be squeezing himself between the buildings that surround him.

What is the story behind Facebook’s graffiti art?

Sean Parker, the original Facebook president was a huge fan of David Choe’s graffiti art and asked him to paint a mural at Facebook’s first offices in Silicon Valley. Choe obliged and created a piece that was rather graphic and sexual – all normal themes for the artist.

Who are the most influential graffiti artists?

Graffiti artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Zephyr, Blade, David Choe, Saber, and others have been incredibly influential for the genre and even artists we know and love like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring got their start as more traditional artists from experimenting with graffiti.