What is HSS made of?

What is HSS made of?

Typically, they consist of carbon steel alloyed with tungsten or molybdenum, together with percentages of chromium, vanadium and cobalt. The alloying elements raise the temperature at which tempering occurs, allowing HSS to be used at temperatures up to about 650°C.

What are CBN wheels?

What is a CBN Grinding Wheel? A CBN wheel is made from cubic boron nitride. This material is one of the hardest materials available, second only to diamonds. The main feature of the material is that it features a high abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity that maintains its sharp cutting edges.

What is tool geometry of single point cutting tool?

It is the angle between the tool face and a line parallel to the base of the tool and measured in a plane perpendicular to the base and the side cutting edge. This angle gives the slope of the face of the tool from the cutting edge. The side rack angle is negative if the slope is toward the cutting edge.

What is tool signature of single point cutting tool?

The signature for single point tool is listed in the order as rake angles (back and side), relief angles (end and side), cutting edge angles (end and side) and nose radius.

Are HSS tools too hard to grind?

It’s no surprise that so many hobby guys go to carbide tools, HSS insert tools or tangential tools – HSS tools can seem to take too much work. Now here’s the reality: grinding lathe tools is actually really simple.

What safety gear do I need for tool grinding?

This is a discussion about tool grinding, which can be a dangerous business. I highly recommend safety glasses, leather gloves, dust mask and hearing protection. I also use an apron in case something comes apart and hits me. Please be careful and wear your safety gear.

What tools do you use for tool grinding?

Another very important tool is a push block. Mine is a 7” long X 1-1/2” wide X ¾” thick piece of plywood. It allows me to push directly into the belt and if there is a “top tip” in tool grinding it is this: push straight into the belt or wheel.

What is the best angle to grind a turning tool?

The top of the tool houses the two most influential angles on a turning tool – the side rake and back rake angles. While they might seem hard to grind they are actually the easiest, as you will see. I normally make the depth of the top grind about 1 to 1-1/2 the dimension of the bit.