What is ILOG software?

What is ILOG software?

ILOG was an international software company purchased and incorporated into IBM announced in January, 2009. It created enterprise software products for supply chain, business rule management, visualization and optimization.

Is CPLEX free?

CPLEX Optimization Studio is free for students and academics!

How much does CPLEX cost?


Single User Floating
CPLEX $9500 $14500
Gurobi * $10000 $20000
Xpress $8000 $12000
Nonlinear solvers:

What is IBM ILOG cplex optimization studio?

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio is a prescriptive analytics solution that enables rapid development and deployment of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming.

How many companies use CPLEX?

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer’s mathematical optimization technology enables smarter decision-making for efficient resource utilization. Over 1,300 corporations and government agencies use IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer, along with researchers at over 1,000 universities.

Is CPLEX open source?

From this survey, four open-source solvers were tested using a collection of linear programming test problems and the results were compared to IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer (CPLEX) [1], an industry standard. CLP was found to be the top performing open-source solver considered in terms of capability and speed.

Is CPLEX paid?

The CPLEX subscription can be purchased as a monthly or annual subscription and is charged at the beginning of the billing period. You will be automatically billed on a periodic basis, according to the terms of your subscription.

Is CPLEX free for Python?

Is CPLEX free for Python? Yes, CPLEX is free to install the library on Python. However, you need to have CPLEX runtime installed in order to run it. There is the free version of runtime with a limited size of 1000 variables and 1000 constraints.

Is cplex paid?

Is cplex open source?

Is CPLEX a programming language?

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio includes the CPLEX Callable Library, a matrix-oriented library with a C programming language interface for the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer for System Z. This fundamental interface can be accessed from many languages, such as Fortran.

Which language is used in CPLEX?

The CPLEX Optimizer has a modeling layer called Concert that provides interfaces to the C++, C#, and Java languages. There is a Python language interface based on the C interface. Finally, a stand-alone Interactive Optimizer executable is provided for debugging and other purposes.

What is ILOG?

ILOG was an international software company. It developed, marketed, sold and supported BRMS, optimization and visualization software components, as well as supply chain applications. ILOG had business locations in nine countries, but it had two principal locations incorporated into IBM:

Is ILOG owned by IBM?

On January 6, 2009, the acquisition of ILOG by IBM was completed. On July 1, 2009, the “Transfer of Business” letter was issued that confirmed that ILOG was effectively integrated within IBM. This coincided with a fresh release of the ILOG products, which is now branded as an IBM ILOG company.

How many companies use ILOG Optimization?

As of 2009, more than 1,000 universities use ILOG Optimization for research and teaching, and more than 1,000 commercial customers, including over 160 of the Global 500, use ILOG Optimization in some of their most important planning and scheduling applications. ^ Francesca Rossi; Peter Van Beek; Toby Walsh (2006).

When did Ilog acquire LogicTools?

On April 11, 2007, ILOG completed the acquisition of LogicTools, a Chicago-based provider of supply chain planning applications specializing in network design and inventory optimization. LogicTools’ applications are based on the ILOG CPLEX optimization product.