What is IMVU?

What is IMVU?

IMVU is a perfect place to chat online and meet tons of cool people. Then, you can make your way to our super popular Live Rooms, where all the action is happening all day, every day.

Can You Make your own avatar on IMVU?

When you sign up for IMVU, you get 4000 free Credits to create your very own 3D avatar. And you can customize literally everything, I kid you not, from head to toe. From all kinds of hair styles, colors, and lengths, to outfits and even emotes—your avatar can be uniquely you.

Does IMVU have the best graphics?

Not to sound like a complete brag, but IMVU has THE best graphics! Like, literally… undefeated. We’re still rated the #1 Avatar game in all of the land. And honestly, graphics matter! When your mission is to look good, be seen and meet new people, the ONLY thing that matters is the graphics.

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