What is included in Acura B12 service?

What is included in Acura B12 service?

Code B12 – Starting at $225.95

  • Tire Rotation.
  • Replace engine air filter.
  • Replace cabin filter.
  • Change Engine Oil With Genuine Acura Motor Oil and Parts.
  • Test Battery Condition.
  • Vacuum and wash.
  • Comprehensive Multi-Point Inspection.

What is Acura Service A?

Acura A1 service refers to an Acura service code that informs you when service is due on your vehicle and what services are required. An Acura A1 service code, specifically, indicates that your Acura RDX or Acura MDX is due for an oil change and tire rotation.

What is A2 service on Acura TL?

Acura A2 Service Codes A2 means that it’s both time to replace your oil, and that you either need to inspect your drive belt, replace your air cleaning element, or change out your pollen filter.

What is B13 on Acura TL?

Acura B13 service requires: Oil and oil filter change. Transmission fluid flush. Front transfer case oil change.

What are Acura service codes?

Acura Maintenance Minder – Main & Sub Codes

Sub Codes Description
1 Rotate tires
2 Replace air cleaner element, replace dust and pollen filter, inspect drive belt
3 Replace transmission fluid
4 Replace spark plugs, replace timing belt, inspect water pump and valve clearance

What is the service code B1 on Acura TL?

Acura B1 Service: Oil filter replacement. Parking brake repairs and adjustments. Fluid check.

What does service B mean on a Acura TL?

B. Replace the engine oil, oil filter, rotate the tires, inspect the front and rear brakes, check the parking brake adjustment, and inspect other items specific to your vehicle. Sub Code. What it means: 1.

What is a6 service for Acura?

The number “4” indicates that the spark plugs and timing belt (if equipped) need to be replaced and valve clearance and water pump need to be inspected. Number “6” means that the rear differential fluid needs to be replaced (if the vehicle is equipped).

What is Acura service code b16?

The Acura MDX b16 maintenance code is “replace rear differential fluid” in addition to tire rotation and “B service”.

What is a B125 service?

The Honda maintenance code B125 means that its time to service Your vehicle. Your car is telling You that You need to rotate the tires and check their pressure and general condition, replace the air cleaner element, inspect the drive belt, and replace the dust and pollen filter.

What is B service for Acura?

Acura B service is the routine service that covers the maintenance your vehicle needs to run like new on the Buda roads. This type of service includes oil changes, tire rotations, vehicle inspections, and more.

What is a B1 Acura service?

Acura B-1 Maintenance Minder The B in this Maintenance Minder code represents a mechanical inspection and oil and filter change. The “1” in B-1 represents that it’s time for the vehicle’s tires to be rotated. B-1 service also targets the brake system for inspection and repairs as needed.

What does Acura Service code”A12″mean?

With this in mind, an A12 code would mean you need an oil change, tire rotation, air cleaner, drive belt, and a cabin air filter. B123 would refer to oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, parking brake, cabin air filter, drive belt, and transmission fluid. Notice how some of the subcodes overlap with the B-code services.

What are some common Acura Service codes?

It will save you money in the long run.

  • It keeps your vehicle’s systems running properly.
  • It ensures optimal safety.
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  • It allows your engine to run as smoothly as possible.
  • What do Acura Service codes mean?

    – Tie rod ends – Suspension – Exhaust – Fuel System – Driveshaft boots – Steering gearbox