What is Intella Connect?

What is Intella Connect?

Intella Connect is a web-enabled browser based review platform that allows multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter. It has an intuitive workflow that helps reviewers of all levels get the job done.

What is the name of the program distributed by Vound?

Communication Analysis Since its first release, Intella has become widely renowned for its rapid processing of email data, and its comprehensive review and analysis features. This has now been extended to include a wide range of communication channels such as text messages, chat communications, and phone logs.

What is E Discovery software?

eDiscovery software allows legal professionals to process, review, tag, and produce electronic documents as part of a lawsuit or investigation. The right software can help attorneys discover valuable information regarding a matter while reducing costs, speeding up resolutions, and mitigating risks.

Why do we use eDiscovery?

Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, is the process of identifying and delivering electronic information that can be used as evidence in legal cases. You can use Core eDiscovery cases to identify, hold, and export content found in mailboxes and sites.

How is eDiscovery used?

Electronic discovery (also known as e-discovery, e discovery, or eDiscovery) is a procedure by which parties involved in a legal case preserve, collect, review, and exchange information in electronic formats for the purpose of using it as evidence.

How do I share my eDiscovery case?

On the Core eDiscovery page in the Microsoft 365 compliance center, click the name of the case that you want to add members to. On the case home page, select the Settings tab, and then select Access & permissions. On the Access & permissions flyout page, under Members, click Add to add members to the case.

How do I access eDiscovery?

In the Security & Compliance Center, click Search & investigation, then eDiscovery to display the list of cases in your organization. Click the Open button next to the case that you want to create a Content Search in. Once the case has loaded, select the Search menu item. To add a search, click the + button.

Why is eDiscovery important?

The importance of eDiscovery should not be underestimated: it is among the primary drivers for the deployment of archiving systems and has significant implications for how organizations retain, store and manage their electronic content. A failure to manage eDiscovery properly can carry with it serious ramifications.

How do you do eDiscovery?

Explore the Core eDiscovery workflow

  1. Create an eDiscovery hold. The first step after creating a case is placing a hold (also called an eDiscovery hold) on the content locations of the people of interest in your investigation.
  2. Search for content.
  3. Export and download search results.

How do I give permission to eDiscovery?

Assign eDiscovery permissions

  1. Go to the Microsoft 365 compliance center and sign in using an account that can assign permissions.
  2. In the left pane, select Permissions.
  3. On the Permissions & Roles page, under Compliance center, click Roles.
  4. On the Compliance center roles page, select eDiscovery Manager.

What are eDiscovery holds?

You can use a Core eDiscovery case to create holds to preserve content that might be relevant to the case. You can place a hold on the Exchange mailboxes and OneDrive for Business accounts of people you’re investigating in the case.

What is eDiscovery used for?

Electronic discovery (sometimes known as e-discovery, ediscovery, eDiscovery, or e-Discovery) is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a law suit or investigation.

How does intella work?

Intella powerfully combines key social, historical, and geographical data, enabling investigators to quickly and effectively visualize the most pertinent combination of information needed. See at a glance key communication and distribution timelines and location of origin of communications, as well as communication volume.

What is intella viewer?

An optional companion for Intella Team, Pro, 250 and 100. It performs the same search and analysis functions as Intella Pro, 250 and 100, except for any processing tasks, and creating new cases. Intella Viewer enables additional investigators to view an existing cases on a different computers.

What is intella eDiscovery?

Here you may find a short overview of our end-to-end eDiscovery software Intella range: Web-enabled browser based review platform that allow multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter.

What is the difference between intella pro and intella products?

These products offer the same features as Intella Pro. The only difference is that each product defines the amount of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) you can process into a case. For example, Intella 250 allows you to index up to 250GB, Intella 100 up to 100GB and Intella 10 up to 10GB.