What is Karana like in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

What is Karana like in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

A Strong, Mature Woman. By the time the last ship arrives on the island, Karana has changed from a young, inexperienced girl into a strong, courageous, and compassionate woman.

How old is Karana in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

12 years old
Karana, only 12 years old at the book’s beginning, turns out to be adept at hunting, building and tool-making, and quickly becomes a strong, capable young woman surviving in an unforgiving wilderness.

How did Karana survive?

Alone on the island, Karana takes on traditionally male tasks, such as hunting, making spears, and building canoes to survive. She vows to avenge her brother’s death and kills several of the dogs, but has a change of heart when she encounters the leader of the pack.

What pets did Karana have?

Island of the Blue Dolphins: Characters, Creatures and Vocabulary

Tainor and Lurai pet birds
Tutok an Aleut girl who befriended Karana
Mon-a-nee a pet sea otter
Rontu-Aru Rontu’s son. Karana’s second pet dog

How old is Karana at the end?

Karana. The heroine of the novel, a twelve-year-old Native American girl who lives on the island of Ghalas-at.

How long was Karana on the island?

18 years
Alone on an island for 18 years. Island of the Blue Dolphins is a work of historical fiction based on the life of an American Indian woman who spent 18 years in isolation on San Nicolas Island, one of eight Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. In the book she’s named Karana.

What is Karana’s secret name?

When Karana finally reveals her secret name to Tutok, it is a marker of trust and an acceptance of friendship. The meaning is only significant to Karana, however, because Tutok does not know about secret names. When it comes time for Tutok to leave, Karna is at first happy, because the Aleuts are gone.

How does Karana hurt her leg?

She sneaks up behind the bull and readies her bow, but the sea elephant gets up and heads toward on of the cows belonging to another bull. As the two sea elephants fight on the shore, Karana, attempting to move out of their way, injures her leg.

How does Karana describe the two baby birds?

When their wings grow back, she clips them again and lets the birds loose in the yard. Karana names the larger of the two birds Tainor, after a young man she liked that was killed by the Aleuts; she names the smaller one Lurai, which is the name she would have liked instead of Karana.

Why is Karana smart?

Karana is smart because she made sure that she had a canoe ready in case the Aleuts came back and she had another home if she needed to go there in the event of an emergency. Last, but not least, Karana stored lots of food for the winter so it would be easier on her.

How does Island of the Blue Dolphins end?

Soon after, an earthquake hits the island and though her canoes are destroyed, Karana and Rontu-Aru survive. Two more years pass and Karana finally gets her happy ending.

How does Karana change in the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

As the only human on the island of he blue dolphins, Karana is left to develop her own moral code. Later in the novel, after Karana has befriended a number of the animals of the island, she decides for herself that she will never again kill any of these animals.

What did Karana use in the island?

Karana uses whale ribs to construct a fence, tying them together with kelp. Next, she builds a hut. No trees grow on the island, so Karana spends many hours looking for wood to make poles for the hut’s two sides and roof. A wall of rock forms the back of the fence and the hut.

What does Karana see on the ocean?

What does Karana see on the ocean? A red ship with 2 red sails. Name one reason the villagers knew the hunters were getting ready to leave. They had been spying on them.

What did Karana do to the birds?

Karana puts them in a birdcage so that they can stay with her. The birds eventually outgrow the cage, so Karana clips their winds to prevent them from flying away. They take food from Karana’s hand…

What is the plot of island of the Blue Dolphins?

The story is about a girl named Karana and how the Aleuts came to her island. The Aleuts drived her tribe off the island. They accidently left Karana on the island of the Blue Dolphins. The rising action starts when the Aleuts came, her tribe dies, she saves many animals, she finds rontu, rontu dies, the white men came, and the white men leave.