What is labor relations training?

What is labor relations training?

Course OVERVIEW The course examines the regulatory and organizational labor relations environment and assesses the current state of relations between management and workers. Students learn how to prepare for possible labor disruptions and look at effective negotiations and conflict management.

What is the federal Labor-Management Relations Program?

Labor-Management Relations is the interaction of employees, their exclusive representatives, and management to resolve, bilaterally, concerns affecting the working conditions of bargaining unit employees. The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) is the independent agency responsible for administering the program.

What kinds of training opportunities are provided by the federal government?

Training For Federal Employees

  • Overview.
  • Client Enrichment Series.
  • Contracts & Acquisition Training.
  • GSA Portal FACA Training Registration.
  • Technology Management Training.
  • Fleet Management Training.

What is federal employee relations?

The Department’s Employee Relations Program provides policy and oversight for a variety of non-union employment matters, including disciplinary and performance issues, administrative grievances, investigations of workplace misconduct allegations, prevention of workplace violence, and several other programs.

What is Calpelra?

CALPELRA is a professional, nonprofit California association established in 1975, comprised of public sector management representatives responsible for carrying out the labor relations / human resource programs for their jurisdictions.

What is employee relations experience?

Employee relations is a subfunction or department that is usually within the HR or legal function of an organization. Handling grievances and resolving disputes that may arise between employees or between employees and management.

What is the difference between NLRB and FLRA?

The FLRA is the federal public sector counterpart to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which governs labor relations between private sector employees and employers. The primary responsibilities of the FLRA are to: Resolve complaints of unfair labor practices (ULPs).

What training is required by employers?

California law requires all employers of 5 or more employees to provide 1 hour of sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to nonsupervisory employees and 2 hours of sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to supervisors and managers once every two years.

What is considered a training program?

The training program is defined as an activity or activities that include undertaking one or a series of courses to boost performance, productivity, skills, and knowledge. It is generally a cost-budget endeavor with flexible time.

What are examples of employee relations?

9 examples of employee relations

  • Making sure new team members fit into the company culture.
  • Onboarding support for new recruits.
  • Providing ongoing support for employees.
  • Analyzing performance.
  • Dealing with employee misconduct.
  • Resolving ongoing conflicts.
  • Exploring new ways to further-improve employee well-being.

What is the role of labor relations?

Labor Relations consist of giving advice and help to employees regarding work rules, employment laws, legal issues, and any work contract situation.

How do you build employee relations?

If you feel like the employee relations in your company could use some improvement, here are some steps you can take.

  1. Create an open dialogue.
  2. Communicate the company’s mission and vision.
  3. Make employees feel valued.
  4. Promote work-life balance.
  5. Offer career development opportunities.

What are the rights of a federal employee?

A voter,or person qualifying to vote…;

  • a participant in any benefit,service,privilege,program,facility,or activity provided or administered by the United States;
  • an applicant for federal employment or an employee by the federal government;
  • a juror or prospective juror in federal court; and
  • What is federal labor relations?

    Sung, a labor attorney, has served on the Oregon Employment Relations Board since 2017. It’s the first time a lawyer from the Asian American Pacific Islander community in Oregon has been nominated to the federal appeals court. “Longtime worker’s

    What are the benefits of labor relations?

    Increased Productivity. Employees who have a positive relationship with their colleagues and managers work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Higher Retention Rates. More than one-quarter of employees are in a high flight-risk category,which means it won’t take much for them to up sticks and leave.
  • Enhanced Motivation.
  • Less Absenteeism.
  • Increased Revenue.
  • How to file EEO complaint for federal employees?

    – Create an account – Request a hearing – File an appeal – Identify a representative and provide their contact information – Submit and receive documents supporting their hearing request or appeal