What is Le Tote Inc?

What is Le Tote Inc?

Le Tote, Inc. Le Tote is an online women’s clothing rental business in the United States which uses a subscription box model. It was founded in 2012 by Brett Northart (now President) and Rakesh Tondon (now CEO). In 2019, Le Tote acquired Lord & Taylor.

Is Le Tote still in business?

In October 2020, The Saadia Group LLC announced it would acquire Lord & Taylor for $12 million and would continue to operate the business as an online-only business, as it is doing today. With the acquisition, The Saadia Group now owns Le Tote, which has continued to operate throughout this process.

How much does Le Tote cost per month?

So, how much would you pay for the basic classic box, which is a typical Le Tote box? The classic box starts at $59 per month, whereas the maternity boxes start at $79 per month….Customer Service.

Pros Cons
You add variety and style to your wardrobe at an affordable price The clothes may not fit you perfectly

How do I cancel my Le Tote subscription?

Cancellation. You may notify us that you wish to cancel the Subscription Service by contacting us at [email protected], (415) 237-7325, or the chat functionality of the Service.

How do I return Le Tote?

Returning your tote is simple! Here’s how: Place all tote pieces that you don’t wish to purchase into the prepaid, pre-addressed return bag included with your tote. Drop the return bag into the nearest blue USPS mailbox or other USPS location.

Is Le Tote profitable?

Le Tote is not yet profitable, and would not disclose how much debt it was taking on as a result of the acquisition, which was part-financed by Citi and a $25 million interest-free loan from HBC.

What did Lord and Taylor sell?

The flagship store at the Lord & Taylor Building on Fifth Avenue in New York City operated from 1914 until 2019. The chain became a subsidiary of Le Tote, an online clothing rental company, in 2019….Lord & Taylor.

Type Subsidiary
Products Clothing footwear jewelry beauty products fragrances electronics bedding housewares

Did Lord & Taylor go out of business?

Lord & Taylor has been revived under its new owners. (Lord & Taylor went bankrupt in August 2020 and eventually liquidated all its stores.)

How long does Le Tote take to ship?

2-3 day
We will send your tote to your door with free 2-3 day priority shipping. Wear your clothing and accessories out and about, as many times as you’d like. Keep the pieces you love for up to 50% off retail and return the rest.

How much is Le Tote worth?

Value Breakdown: The total retail value of the 10 items inside is $722 with an average of $72.20 per item but I got to rent them all for a month for just $99.00. Check out all of our Le Tote reviews and the Women’s Clothing Subscription Box Directory!

How long does Haverdash take to ship?

We typically have a 2-3 day processing time prior to shipment. Boxes ship out via USPS Priority Mail, and delivery typically takes 1-4 business days.

How much does it cost to be a Le Tote member?

How much does it cost to be a member? Le Tote offers monthly membership plans starting at $59/month.

Why should I subscribe to Le Tote?

”Subscribing to Le Tote has been the BEST thing I’ve done for myself in a while. I loved everything in my first tote, it’s fun to have new to me clothes without having to stress over the expense and my coworkers have been complimenting everything I’ve worn this week” ”I can’t believe every woman doesn’t get Le Tote!

When did Le Tote file Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

On August 2, 2020 (the ” Petition Date “), Le Tote, Inc. and four affiliated debtors (together, the ” Debtors “) filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

How do I get my next tote?

To get your next tote, put items from your previous tote in the USPS prepaid return bag provided for you and drop it in the mail. As soon as you are eligible, we’ll send you an email letting you know it’s time to pick out new styles. What if I need a break or want to change my plan? There is no commitment with Le Tote.