What is LED MCPCB?

What is LED MCPCB?

MCPCB LED. We manufacture MCPCBs (METAL CORE PCB) for high power LED lights applications 1.6mm Aluminium 75 micron dielectric layer and 35 micron copper. We are leaders in manufacturing ALUMINIUM BASE METAL CORE PCBs (MC-PCBs) for all types of High power LED lights.

What is the meaning of Mcpcb?

A Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB), also known as a thermal PCB or metal backed PCB, is a type of PCB that has a metal material as its base for the heat spreader portion of the board.

How do I manufacture Mcpcb?

MCPCB Manufacturing Process

  1. Material.
  2. Drilling.
  3. Dry Film Image Transfer.
  4. Solder Mask.
  5. Routing.
  6. V-Cut.
  7. Test.
  8. HiPot.

What is PCB in LED bulb?

What Is an LED PCB? LED stands for light-emitting diode. An LED printed circuit board is used to mount the diode(s) and power the LED for the application. Hence, the LED PCB material may be aluminum, which excels at transferring heat away from the board.

What is HPF driver?

High Power-Factor LED Driver Converts AC Input To Power Halogen Replacement. In contrast to the resistive load, an LED driver with constant (dc) LED current, as is often used to power LEDs from a dc source, has a very poor power factor when used with an ac source.

What is DOB LED bulb?

A DOB LED light is an LED lighting system (either an LED bulb or an LED luminaire) that incorporates a light engine with an integrated on-board driver. DOB is short for “driver-on-board”.

What does FR4 stand for?

flame retardant
FR4 is a standard defined by the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) for a glass-reinforced epoxy resin laminate. FR stands for “flame retardant” and indicates that the material is compliant with the UL94V-0 standard on plastic material flammability.

What does SMD stand for in electronics?

Surface Mount Device
Surface Mount Device (SMD): An electronic component that mounts on the surface of a printed circuit board (as opposed to “through-hole” components which have pins that are inserted into holes).

What is fr4 PCB?

FR-4 is a common material for printed circuit boards (PCBs). A thin layer of copper foil is typically laminated to one or both sides of an FR-4 glass epoxy panel. These are commonly referred to as copper clad laminates. The copper thickness or copper weight can vary and so is specified separately.

How do you dissipate led heat?

Heat sinks can dissipate power in three ways: conduction (heat transfer from one solid to another), convection (heat transfer from a solid to a moving fluid, which for most LED applications will be air), or radiation (heat transfer from two bodies of different surface temperatures through Thermal radiation).

What is PCB lighting?

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were commonly used in the small capacitor within fluorescent light ballasts. Ballasts manufactured through 1979 may contain PCBs. PCB-containing ballasts become a concern if they are leaking or they will be removed and disposed of as hazardous waste.

What is LED on board called?

Light-emitting diodes, more commonly called LEDs, are an increasingly popular technology for lighting across various industries. These boards, often called PCBs, are essential to many LED applications.

What is an MCPCB?

What is an MCPCB? Metal Core PCBs are engineered to merge a circuit board with a heat sink for better heat dissipation. LEDs are assembled at the top with the heat transferred across the surface of the MCPCB down to the attached heatsink.

What is the difference between led PCB and MCPCB?

According to lab testing a MCPCB with a 1W LED remained near an ambient of 25C, while the same 1W LED on a FR4 board reached 12C over ambient. LED PCB always be produced with Aluminum core, but sometimes steel core PCB also be used.

Why custom mcpbc is ideal for led industry?

There are several reasons why custom MCPBC is ideal for led industry. The first and foremost is that PCPCB specifications include an ability to integrate dielectric polymer layer. Moreover, this provides significantly higher thermal conductivity. And the domino effect is a lower thermal resistance.

How can I view the spectrum of LEDs on the MCPCB?

Mounting holes are provided on the MCPCB surface for attaching the LED to a heat sink; the Ø2 mm through holes are compatible with #1 (M2) screws (not included). The spectrum of each LED and associated data file can be viewed by clicking on the links in the table to the right. Multiple windows can be opened simultaneously in order to compare LEDs.