What is Leicester city postcode?

What is Leicester city postcode?

Leicester City Centre
Postcode district LE1, LE2
Dialling code 0116
Police Leicestershire
Fire Leicestershire

How many postcodes are in Leicester?

21 postcode
The LE postcode area, also known as the Leicester postcode area, is a group of 21 postcode districts in central England, within 12 post towns….Postcode district boundaries:

Postcode districts 28
Postcode sectors 152
Postcodes (live) 22,458
Postcodes (total) 34,512

What is the zip code for UK?

The current postal code (postal code) range of the United Kingdom (UK) is: AB10 1 – ZE3 9. The lowest 5-digit postal code (AB10 1) starts in Aberdeen, Scotland.

How do I find my ZIP code UK?

There are several ways to find out the zip or postal code of any location in the UK, they are:

  1. Go to UK PostCode Website.
  2. On the search form that is in the top right hand of the page, enter in the address, city or county that you want to find its zip.

Where is the Centre of Leicester?

The heart of the city At the top of High Street you’ll find Jubilee Square – this beautiful open space has great historical significance to the city: it was the site of the Roman forum as well as the medieval marketplace. It is the perfect spot to rest your feet during after grabbing your fashion fix!

Is Leicester a town or county?

Leicester, city and unitary authority, geographic and historic county of Leicestershire, England. It lies on the River Soar and the Grand Union Canal. The Great Hall of Leicester Castle, Leicester, England.

Is Leicestershire a post town?

Chief among these is the county town and cathedral city of Leicester that sits at the heart of the county on the River Soar and Grand Union Canal and can be traced back to the Roman era. Leicester is the main postal town/district for this region, with all postcodes starting with the following outward codes.

Where is WR postcode?

Postcode district boundaries:

Postcode area WR
Postcode area name Worcester
Post towns 7
Postcode districts 17

What postcode is BX?

BX. The non-geographic postcode area BX has been introduced for addresses which do not include a locality: this allows large organisations long-term flexibility as to where they receive their mail.

What is a zip code for Birmingham UK?

Details of Birmingham Area of West Midlands District,England State,United Kingdom

Country United Kingdom
District West Midlands (Click here for all the districts of “United Kingdom”)
Area Birmingham
Zip B1
Latitude 52.4814

What is the zip code on a UK card?

A credit card zip code is the specific zip code associated with your billing address and will appear on your bank account statement. When you receive a debit card from your card issuer, you are required to register the card with a billing address, usually your home address.

Is zip code same as post code?

A ZIP code is the term used to describe the postal code system in the United States. It is a series of numbers that communicates information about people within different geographic groupings.

What is a valid UK postal code?

– AA9A 9AA – A9A 9AA – A9 9AA – A99 9AA – AA9 9AA – AA99 9AA

What are some UK postal codes?

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How to address mail to UK?

How to address mail. Make sure your post gets exactly where it needs to go. When posting something to someone in the UK, write the address like this: Addressees’ name. House number and street name. Locality name (if needed) Town (please print in capitals) Full postcode (please print in capitals)

What are zip codes in the United Kingdom?

– BD22 8DR – Parsonage Museum, former home of the Bronte sisters. – BF1??? – Special cases postcodes for British Forces, used in conjunction with a BFPO number [ 1]. – BR6 7JT – Downhouse, for