What is Loctite 496 used for?

What is Loctite 496 used for?

Typical Use: Used as a general purpose adhesive for bonding plastics, rubbers and metal; particularly suited for bonding metal substrates.

Is 496 Loctite?

LOCTITE 496 is a transparent, colourless, low viscosity, general purpose, methyl-based instant adhesive that is particularly suited to bonding metals. Other materials bonded include plastics and rubbers, as well as polyolefins (in combination with Primer LOCTITE 770 or LOCTITE 7239).

Is Loctite a cyanoacrylate?

Available in a range of viscosities to suit your specific application, the LOCTITE® range of two-part cyanoacrylate adhesives is ideal for gap gilling applications when bonding plastics, rubbers, wood, paper and metals.

How long does it take for Loctite 454 to dry?

Product Details

Typical Use: Used to assemble difficult to bond materials.
Cure System: Humidity
Cure Time: Up to 1wk depending on substrate used, the bondline gap, and the relative humidity.
Flash Point: 80 to 93.4 °C
Specific Gravity: 1.1 @ 25 °C

Is Loctite 495 superglue?

The Loctite 495 SuperBonder Instant Adhesive is a cyanoacrylate adhesive and was designed originally for thread-locking. Presently it has been developed to bond various materials. Description : LOCTITE 495 is a cyanoacrylate instant adhesive.

How strong is Loctite 495?

Technical Information

Color Clear
Key Characteristics General Purpose
Operating Temperature -40.0 – 120.0 °C (-40.0 – 250.0 °F )
Shear Strength, Mild Steel (grit blasted) 14.2 N/mm² (2060.0 psi )
Viscosity 40.0 mPa·s (cP)

Who makes Loctite Super Glue?

Henkel North American Consumer Goods

Product type Adhesives Superglues Epoxies Spray adhesives Construction adhesives Threadlockers
Owner Henkel North American Consumer Goods
Country Connecticut, United States
Introduced 1956
Markets Worldwide

How long does Loctite 680 take to dry?

Technical Information

Agency Approvals / Specifications NSF/ANSI 61
Color Green
Cure Type Anaerobic Cure
Fixture Time 4.0 min.
Full Cure Time, @ 22.0 °C 24.0 hr.

What is the strongest Loctite super glue?

#3 Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue WHY WE LIKE IT: Billed as Loctite’s most durable super glue formula, this rubber-toughened super glue gel forms a tight, impact and vibration resistant bond that also holds up to temperature changes better than most super glues.

How do you remove Loctite 545?

Cured product can be removed with a combination of soaking in a Loctite solvent and mechanical abrasion such as a wire brush.

What is the shelf life of Loctite 454?

Henkel Loctite Prism 454 Adhesive 45404 Clear, 3 g tube

NSN Cage Code Country of origin United States
Dimensions (L x W x H) .75 x .7 x 3.75 IN Total Shelf Life (days) 730 Hazmat Code
ISBN Condition Color
LTL(Y/N) N 8130-3 Eligible No