What is macvim?

What is macvim?

MacVim Vim – the text editor – for macOS Download MacVim Release Notes (r172) GitHub: MacVim GitHub page Releases: Binary releases and release notes

What’s new in Vim for Mac?

Updated to Vim 8.2.2681. This is a small update mostly containing a fix to a rendering bug in Core Text renderer. Fixed a rendering issue where MacVim would stop drawing text when the computer is running low on memory. Previously the user would have to restart MacVim in order to get the rendering back. #1164 Requires macOS 10.9 or above.

Is there a good place to discuss Python on macvim?

MacVim has enabled the Github Discussions feature, which serves as a good spot for general discussions and questions. See #1130 and check it out! Python is now built against 3.9, up from 3.8.

How do I install Janus on Linux?

To install Janus, please use our automatic installer , which backs up any Vim files found in your home folder and installs Janus. You can use ~/.gvimrc.before and ~/.vimrc.before for settings Janus itself uses, such as the leader setting.