What is MSX?

What is MSX?

MSX is a standardized home computer architecture, first announced by Microsoft on June 16, 1983 and marketed by Kazuhiko Nishi, then Vice-president at Microsoft Japan and Director at ASCII Corporation.

What is the successor of MSX1?

This article gives basic information about the successor of the MSX1 standard: MSX2. 32kB BASIC/ BIOS ROM and 16kB Sub-ROM ( MSX-BASIC version 2.0 or 2.1, the latter has the possibility of a RAMdisk bigger than 32kB in BASIC). Memory Mapper on computers with more than 64kB.

What computer does MSX2 most closely resemble?

A Sony MSX2 machine was launched into space to the Russian Mir space station. The system MSX most closely resembled was the Spectravideo SV-328 home computer (Spectravideo even claimed to be “MSX compatible” in advertisements before the actual launch of MSX systems, but it was not completely compatible with it).

When did the MSX TurboR come out in Japan?

Like the MSX2+, the MSX TurboR was exclusively released in Japan. By the time the MSX TurboR standard was announced in 1990, only Panasonic was manufacturing MSX computers. Its initial model FS-A1ST met with moderate success, but the upgraded model FS-A1GT introduced in 1991 sold poorly due to its high retail cost of 99800 yen.