What is mutual coupling in MIMO antenna?

What is mutual coupling in MIMO antenna?

The mutual coupling between the two antenna elements in a MIMO system is related to the current direction that flows on the surface of the antennas. If the current flows in the same direction on the adjacent sides of both the antennas, the mutual coupling increases.

In which condition the mutual coupling effect can be neglected?

Microstrip patch antenna is widely used due to the advantages such as small size and mass. However, when the patches are close to each other, the mutual coupling can’t be neglected.

What do you mean by antenna array?

An antenna array (or array antenna) is a set of multiple connected antennas which work together as a single antenna, to transmit or receive radio waves. An antenna array can achieve higher gain (directivity), that is a narrower beam of radio waves, than could be achieved by a single element.

What is the name of an element which used in active coupling?

Explanation: cmm utilize a measuring element known as inductosyn data element. it uses inductive coupling between conductors and the conductors are separated by a small air gap. as inductosyn is not subjected to wear, it does not develop inaccuracy.

What is isolation in MIMO antenna?

In the MIMO system, two or more antennas are used on both the transmitter and receiver sides. A critical point is to arrange compact antenna elements without impairing antenna performance and system requirements. To do that, mutual coupling or isolation between adjacent antennas is a key factor.

What is mutual coupling in power system?

Mutual coupling exists between two or more transmission lines that are routed in parallel for a substantial distance due to the magnetic fields between the lines.

Why is antenna array needed?

An antenna array is used to increase overall gain, provide diversity reception, cancel out interference, maneuver the array in a particular direction, gage the direction of arrival of incoming signals, and to maximize the Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR).

What are the five controls in antenna array?

The total field of the array can be controlled by five array parameters that are the main design parameters [1]. These are: the geometrical layout of the array elements and their spacings, the excitation amplitude and phase of the individual elements, and finally the pattern of the individual elements.

What is a antenna element?

An antenna element can be any part of an antenna involved in the reception or transmission of a signal. Properly speaking, an antenna element is any part of an antenna active in the reception or transmission of signals.

How do you improve isolation in MIMO antenna?

It has a negative permeability value at 2.35 GHz, so the current could not flow at this frequency. Although the proposed antenna has isolation higher than 15 dB without the interdigital SRR, the isolation can be improved by approximately 10 dB at 2.35 GHz by adding the interdigital SRR.

How do you make a MIMO antenna?

While designing MIMO antenna Follow three steps.

  1. Design single Element for desired frequency.
  2. When done, Make its exact copy and seperate them through certain distance but keep in mind for different frequencies there are different distance limits ranging from 0.27 to 0.68 lamda.

What is mutual coupling in antenna array?

The current developed in each antenna element of an array depends on their own excitation and also on the contributions from adjacent antenna elements. Mutual coupling is inversely proportional to the spacing between the different antenna elements in an array.

How is the effect of mutual coupling observed?

The effect of mutual coupling is observed or modeled by varying the space between the antenna elements in the array. Any change in the inter-element spacings changes the mutual impedance between the antenna elements.

What is the coupling effect in phased array?

This kind of interaction between the antenna elements will lead to coupling effect and hence can alter the array characteristics. In other words, in a phased array, the electromagnetic (EM) characteristics of a particular antenna element influence the other elements and are themselves influenced by the elements in their proximity.

How to reduce the coupling effect of antenna elements?

The method is based on the fact that the reduction in flow of surface current on the adjacent elements reduces the coupling effect. The magnitude of surface currents on the antenna elements depends on the terminating load impedances of the elements.