What is my boats PHRF rating?

What is my boats PHRF rating?

Most boats have a positive PHRF rating, but some very fast boats have a negative PHRF rating. If Boat A has a PHRF rating of 15 and Boat B has a rating of 30 and they compete on a 1 mile course, Boat A should finish approximately 15 seconds in front of Boat B.

What is a good PHRF rating?

PHRF 30 to 70: The J/120 has consistently demonstrated excellent all-around performance to its typical rating. PHRF 71 to 114: Either the Frers 41 or the J/29 masthead outboard.

Is Beneteau a good boat?

The brand is trusted by thousands of boaters worldwide. Beneteau boats have shown to retain their value over time better than any other brand of boats on the water. Together with its dealer network, Beneteau has been rewarded for many years with the CSI award for its excellence in boat production and customer service.

How much does a Melges 32 cost?

The starting price is $69,900, the most expensive is $69,900, and the average price of $69,900. Related boats include the following models: undefined. Boat Trader works with thousands of boat dealers and brokers to bring you one of the largest collections of Melges 32 boats on the market.

How do you read a PHRF rating?

In PHRF, boats are assigned ratings in seconds per mile. Your rating is the number of seconds per mile your boat is supposedly slower than a theoretical boat which rates 0. Most boats you are likely to sail on rate somewhere in the range of about 50 to 250.

What is a PHRF certificate?

A. Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) ratings are based on the speed potential of the boat, determined as far as possible on observations of previous racing experiences. It is the intent of PHRF handicapping that any well equipped, well maintained, and well sailed boat has a good chance of winning.

How do you interpret PHRF ratings?

How are PHRF ratings determined?

What is better Jeanneau or Beneteau?

Beneteau boats are often made for charter and the family market, with design towards more roomy interiors and bigger, more comfortable cabins and galley. Jeanneau boats, however, perform better as cruisers. They point well, do not often creak and slam, and are lovely sailors that ride well with the wind.

Is Beneteau a good blue water boat?

With its new Sense line of cruising sailboats, ranging from 43 to 55 feet, Beneteau sets out to provide the best bluewater cruiser for families; a common-sense liveaboard that is completely unique in the layout of its accommodations, the openness of its cockpit and the comfort of its living spaces.

How much does a j80 cost?

The average price ranges between $25-35,000 all up, and as previously mentioned, the J/80 tends to hold its value since older boats are build solid and are competitive with newer boats.

How much does a Melges 24 cost?

A new Melges 24 costs in the $70,000 range and includes a trailer, covers, and an upgraded line package. The company periodically builds runs of four or five boats.