What is NetBackup OpsCenter?

What is NetBackup OpsCenter?

OpsCenter is a product which gives you the ability to monitor, alert and do operational reporting on NetBackup, Enterprise Vault, Backup Exec and PureDisk. OpsCenter server is part of NetBackup and can be deployed on master server for managing a single domain, or independently for managing multiple NetBackup Domains.

What is Veritas NetBackup?

Veritas NetBackup — known as Symantec NetBackup from 2005 to 2016 — is a backup and recovery software suite designed for enterprise users. When security giant Symantec acquired Veritas for $13.5 billion in 2005, the NetBackup product was renamed Symantec NetBackup.

How do I download Netbackup Client?

Click Updates to view all software updates associated with this version of the product. Click the Update name to view the full details of the update and to download its files. Check the box next to each file that you wish to download, then click Download. The Download button will appear once you check the first file.

How do I manually install Veritas Backup Exec Agent?

By clicking on the Backup Exec button:

  1. Open the Backup Exec console on the media server.
  2. Click on the round Backup Exec button which is located to the left of the Home tab.
  3. Go to Installation and Licensing – select Install Agents and Backup Exec Servers on Other Servers.
  4. On the Remote Computers section – select Add.

How do I add custom certificates to OpsCenter?

Steps to create a new keystore and add your custom certificates:

  1. Stop the OpsCenter WebServer service.
  2. Rename or move the keystore file: keystore_path.
  3. Create a new keystore with a public/private key pair for opscenter.
  4. Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and store it in a file (certnew.req)

How do you open the OpsCenter console?

Go to the main OpsCenter URL in a web browser. A login dialog appears. Enter your username and password. The default admin username is admin and the default admin password is admin .

What is the difference between NetBackup and Backup Exec?

The primary difference between NetBackup vs. Backup Exec is that Backup Exec is designed for small to midsize businesses, while NetBackup is designed solely for the enterprise. Both products offer a wide range of features, but NetBackup has a more advanced feature set because it is designed for enterprise use.

How do I upgrade to NetBackup OpsCenter 9?

In order to install NetBackup OpsCenter 9.0, follow the installation instruction found in the upgrading OpsCenter topic in chapter 2. Upgrades must be performed in the following order: NetBackup OpsCenter Agent, NetBackup OpsCenter Server, NetBackup OpsCenter View Builder, then your data protection product.

How do I upgrade my NetBackup Data Protection Product?

Upgrades must be performed in the following order: NetBackup OpsCenter Agent, NetBackup OpsCenter Server, NetBackup OpsCenter View Builder, then your data protection product. To obtain 9.0, refer to the 9.0 Download Information: Veritas Download Center.

What are the NetBackup requirements for OpsCenter analytics?

OpsCenter Analytics has the same Operating System requirements as OpsCenter. Check the Operating Systems server table for the exact version of NetBackup in which OpsCenter server support started. VCS version 6.1 on Windows 2012 R2. OpsCenter Agent and OpsCenter View Builder installations are not supported in a cluster environment.

What license do I need to run NetBackup on Linux?

NetBackup 9.0 requires SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 or later versions There are two OpsCenter products: Veritas NetBackup OpsCenter and Veritas NetBackup OpsCenter Analytics. OpsCenter does not require any license and is included with the NetBackup Enterprise Server and Server products.