What is on the cover of Head Hunters?

What is on the cover of Head Hunters?

The image on the album cover, designed by Victor Moscoso, is based on the African kple kple mask of the Baoulé tribe from Ivory Coast. The image is also based on tape head demagnetizers used on reel-to-reel audio tape recording equipment at the time of this recording.

Was Herbie Hancock in the headhunters?

In 1973, the band comprised Hancock (keyboards), Bennie Maupin (saxophone, clarinet), Harvey Mason (drums), Paul Jackson (bass), and Bill Summers (percussion). Their first album, Head Hunters, sold more than one million copies.

What was Herbie Hancock’s biggest hit?

Watermelon Man
Hancock’s best-known compositions include “Cantaloupe Island”, “Watermelon Man”, “Maiden Voyage”, and “Chameleon”, all of which are jazz standards. During the 1980s, he enjoyed a hit single with the electronic instrumental “Rockit”, a collaboration with bassist/producer Bill Laswell….

Herbie Hancock
Children 1

What genre is Herbie Hancock Head Hunters?

JazzHead Hunters / Genre

Who did Watermelon Man?

Herbie Hancock
A single reached the Top 100 of the pop chart. Cuban percussionist Mongo Santamaría released the tune as a Latin pop single and it became a surprise hit, reaching No….Watermelon Man (composition)

“Watermelon Man”
Instrumental by Herbie Hancock
Label Blue Note
Composer(s) Herbie Hancock
Producer(s) Alfred Lion

How old is Herbie Hancock?

81 years (April 12, 1940)Herbie Hancock / Age

How long do contestants stay on Head Hunters?

Every weekday afternoon for six weeks three Head Hunters will emerge from a ‘talent pool’ of twenty quizzers, following quick qualifying questions. To win the rolling jackpot at the end of each show, a winning Head Hunter must answer a question correctly from nine very different categories, in just 90 seconds.

Which US bebop musician collaborated with Chano Pozo to create Manteca and helped Afro Cuban jazz break through to a larger audience?

Meanwhile, Dizzy Gillespie, one of the leaders of the new jazz style that came to be known as bebop, decided to combine Afro-Cuban dance rhythms with bebop elements, relying heavily on the guidance of Cuban percussionist, dancer, and composer Chano Pozo.

Who wrote the song rock it?

Michael BeinhornBill Laswell

How old is Paul Simon?

80 years (October 13, 1941)Paul Simon / Age

Superstar musician-songwriter Paul Simon turns 80 years old. Born 13 October 1941, in Newark, New Jersey, the singer found global fame through his 1960s partnership with Art Garfunkel, then as a solo artist.

Who founded forever return?

pianist Chick Corea
Return to Forever was an American jazz fusion band that was founded by pianist Chick Corea in 1972. The band has had many members, with the only consistent bandmate of Corea’s being bassist Stanley Clarke.

Why did Herbie Hancock wrote Watermelon Man?

Hancock was just 22 when he wrote “Watermelon Man,” a danceable song with an infectious melodic hook and jaunty, see-saw backbeat. It was inspired by his childhood memory of a watermelon seller whose vehicle rumbled noisily through his neighborhood’s cobbled streets in 1940s Chicago.