What is P3 t24?

What is P3 t24?

…from PRIMARY HYPERTENSION. For BRONCHIAL ASTHMA, he was placed in Low Medical Category P3(T-24) with effect from October 2003, for PRIMARY HYPERTENSION in Low Medical Category …Medical Category P3(T-24) with effect from February 2011. In the present case T-24 means for a period of 24 weeks i.e. 6 months.

What is Army order 03 2001?

The Army Order 3&11/2001 was introduced to curb alcoholism and to weed out habitual alcoholics. Hence a study was carried out in a zonal referral hospital from 01 Jan 2001 to 30 Jun 2003 to assess its effectiveness.

How many corps are there in Indian army PDF?

The troops are organized into 40 Divisions in 14 Corps. Army headquarters is located in the Indian capital, New Delhi, and it is under the overall command of the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

What is LMC army?

These Army personnel, said to belong to the Low Medical Category (LMC), are soldiers who may have injured themselves while in service resulting in temporary or permanent disabilities or those who suffer from medical conditions including life style diseases like hypertension and diabetes which render them unfit to serve …

What is P2 in army?

Pollution prevention (P2) is a comprehensive initiative to reduce and prevent pollution at the source.

How is medical pension calculated?

Service element – The amount of service element shall be equal to the retiring pension determined as per Para 6 of the MOD letter No….Disability Pension on Invalidment.

Percentage of Disability as finally accepted Percentage to be reckoned for computing of Disability Element
1 to 49 50
50 and 75 75
76 and 100 100

How can I get duplicate Indian Army discharge book?

Ans. In case Discharge Book is lost, individual should approach the Records Office through his Zila Sainik Welfare Office alongwith the following document:- ( a) Copy of FIR lodged with Civil Police. (b) Two passport size photos and joint photograph duly attested.

What is cope code in medical?

Under this policy a COPE Coding System was put in place to guide the employability of Army Officers under: (a) C – Climate and terrain restrictions (b) O – Degree of medical observation required (c) P – Physical capability limitation (d) E – Exclusive limitations as per disease.

Who is the father of Indian Army?

Major Stringer Lawrence
Seven years later Major Stringer Lawrence, ‘the father of the Indian Army’, was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the East India Company’s field forces in India with its headquarters at Fort St.

What is meant by medical category?

a unit in a classification system. Major Diagnostic category a group of similar diagnosis-related groups, such as all those affecting a given organ system of the body.

What is disability pension in Indian Army?

For 100% disability, 30% of last reckonable emoluments will be paid as disability element for the disability pension subject to a minimum of Rs 3510/-….Minimum Pension.

Pensioner Pension
Min Disability pension (total of service +disability element) For permanent Disability not less than 60% Rs 7000/- PM + DR