What is Parafilm M laboratory film?

What is Parafilm M laboratory film?

Parafilm M® is a moisture-resistant thermoplastic used in research, clinical and industrial laboratories. This laboratory film can be utilized to prevent contamination, evaporation or spills.

What is Parafilm sealing film?

Parafilm Sealing Film is a colorless, moisture-proof film that molds to almost any surface. Simply stretch the film tight to seal beakers, flasks, tubes and Petri dishes.

What is the purpose of parafilm used in the home lab experiment?

Parafilm is most commonly used for sealing and protecting vessels such as test tubes, cuvettes, and petri dishes. Since Parafilm is both stretchy and self-sealing, it is easily used on lab containers of all shapes and sizes.

Does parafilm allow gas exchange?

Parafilm is a paraffin film with a paper backing manufactured by Bemis in Neenah, WI. The breathable properties of Parafilm allow gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. to pass through, and as such offers an excellent breathable moisture barrier.

How hot can parafilm get?

Temperature range (continuous use): -45 to +50°C, melting point: 60°C, flash point: 301°C.

Does parafilm expire?

Parafilm® M can be stored at least 3 years, without quality impairment, under storing conditions between 7 °C and 32 °C at 50 % relative humidity.

Is parafilm permeable to oxygen?

Parafilm M is a semi-transparent, flexible, thermoplastic, and highly waterproof sheet material. The permeability of either oxygen or carbon dioxide should not be affected at different relative humidities because of the low water permeability and insensitivity of Parafilm to moisture vapor.

How long is parafilm good for?

3 years
PARAFILM® M can be stored for at least 3 years without loss of quality under storage condi- tion between 7 °C and 32 °C and a relative humidity of 50%.

Is parafilm waterproof?