What is perfect match nail polish?

What is perfect match nail polish?

Perfect Match is the original color matching collection with all the Shades you love available in Gel, Lacquer, and Dip. Perfect Match comes with a flawlessly color-matched free Dare to Wear nail lacquer. This easy application, soak-off formula has a long-lasting shine that lasts for weeks.

What is mood nail polish?

Commonly referred to as mood-changing nail polishes due to their shifting hues, these innovative polishes are heat-sensitive and change color once they are exposed to high temperatures, whether it’s the result of your changing body temperature or the sun’s UV rays.

How do you apply LeChat gel polish?

Apply a thin layer of Perfect Match Gel Polish color to five fingers, then cure in a LeChat 36-Watt UV Lamp for a minimum of one minute. (Cure for 30 seconds in an LED.) Apply a second layer and cure for an additional one to two minutes. (Cure for 30 seconds in an LED.)

What does the colors mean with the mood nail polish?

It works based on your body temp — so when you’re calm, your body is cooler; when you’re worked up, your body is hotter. The change in temp triggers the polish to go from, say, blue to green or purple to pink. Check out these feel-good tricks for blah days.

Does mood changing nail polish work?

Spoiler alert: The mood-changing polish didn’t work at all. A little birdie from the Refinery29 beauty team told me that mood-changing polish is actually thermochromic (a temperature-sensitive compound that changes with exposure to heat).

What does purple mean in mood changing nail polish?

Mood changing nail polish is also based on a thermochromic reaction with the nails changing color with temperature. The nail polish is clear when the nails are warm, changing color when the nails cool. The UV radiation transforms the leuco form to the colored form allowing the nail polish to turn a pinkish purple.

What is thermal gel polish?

Thermal, as you’ve probably guessed- means that the polish changes colour with temperature. It’s just like wearing a mood ring on your nails, except switching between a few colours rather than displaying the whole rainbow (it’s clever- but not that clever).

What do the colors of nail polish mean?

According to experts, it is said that the colour of one’s nail polish tells you how that person is. The shade of your nail polish also says a lot about your mood you are in and your personality traits.

Can you put a topcoat on mood changing nail polish?

A: Yes! Top or base coat will not affect the ability of the thermal nail polish to change colors.