What is procedure code 29888?

What is procedure code 29888?

The CPT code for an arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is 29888, “Arthroscopically aided anterior cruciate ligament repair/augmentation or reconstruction.” According to the AAOS Global Service Data Book (GSD), this code covers: minor synovial resection for visualization; notchoplasty; ACL stump removal; partial …

Does CPT code 29888 include autograft?

ACL surgery is defined by CPT 29888 (Arthroscopically aided anterior cruciate ligament repair/augmentation or reconstruction). This CPT code is valued to include the harvesting and placement of a graft.

What is procedure code 29999?

Report CPT code 29999 (Unlisted procedure, arthroscopy) for arthroscopic lavage of the knee for treatment of osteoarthritis and/or arthroscopic debridement and lavage for patients with severe osteoarthritis.

Does Medicare pay for ACL surgery?

Most insurance plans—including Medicare and Medicaid—cover ACL surgery. If yours covers it, your doctor will need to establish that it is medically necessary. The surgery including fees for the doctor, anesthesia, graft, and hospital operating room. Rehabilitation and physical therapy appointments.

Can 29888 and 27427 be billed together?

As per AAOS you can report 29888 (Cruciate) with 27427 (Collateral). What you CAN’T do is report an Arthroscopic Cruciate repair (29888) with an OPEN Cruciate repair (27428) when it’s the SAME Cruciate ligament (i.e. ACL).

Can CPT codes 29888 and 29881 be billed together?

These codes can be billed together, however you need to make sure that your diagnoses are linked properly. You wouldn’t do a menisectomy for an ACL tear, so if your diagnosis is not correct it could be denied for medical necessity.

What happens during arthroscopic knee surgery?

Knee arthroscopy is a surgical technique that can diagnose and treat problems in the knee joint. During the procedure, your surgeon will make a very small incision and insert a tiny camera — called an arthroscope — into your knee. This allows them to view the inside of the joint on a screen.

Is G0289 for Medicare only?

Do and Don’t about CPT code G0289 It should be used only for Medicare patient and should be used with other major arthroscopic procedures performed on same knee in different compartment. Never use G0289 as primary code.

How long is recovery from ACL surgery?

Within the first few weeks after surgery, you should strive to regain a range of motion equal to that of your opposite knee. Recovery generally takes about nine months. It may take eight to 12 months or more before athletes can return to their sports.

How expensive is ACL surgery?

It will cost approximately $20,000 to $50,000 to pay for the surgeon fee, facility fee, anesthesia and graft. Additional costs include medical equipment such as knee braces and crutches which will add an extra $500. Physical therapy adds a cost of $1,000.

Is chondroplasty included in synovectomy?

Debridement, Synovectomy, and Chondroplasty During debridement, loose and redundant tissue is removed, including inflamed synovium (synovectomy) and loose cartilage flaps (chondroplasty). Both thermal and mechanical debridement techniques have been described.

Is 29888 the same thing as 29881?

One of the medical billers in the office is arguing that the 29888 should never be reported with 29881 because it is the same thing. I told her it can be billed as long as it was done in separate compartments of the knee. Am i correct or is she correct?

What is CPT code 29875 Lt?

On the disputed date of service, the requestor billed CPT codes 29881-LT and 29875-LT-59. Per CCI edits, CPT code 29875 is a component of CPT code 29881; however, a modifier is allowed to ifferentiate the service. A review of the requestor’s billing finds that the requestor appended modifier “59-Distinct Procedural Service” to CPT code 29875.

Should I reimburse for procedure 29881 or 29875?

* Reimbursement is recommended for Procedure 29881. * Procedure 29875: Some procedures can be performed at varying levels of complexity. The HCPCS/Procedure codes corresponding to more extensive procedures always include the HCPCS/Procedure codes corresponding to less complex procedures.

Can CPT code 29875-lt-59 be denied due to reason code x901?

According to the explanation of benefits, the respondent denied reimbursement for code 29875-LT-59 based upon reason code “X901.” On the disputed date of service, the requestor billed CPT codes 29881-LT and 29875-LT-59. Per CCI edits, CPT code 29875 is a component of CPT code 29881; however, a modifier is allowed to ifferentiate the service.