What is refurbishment process in SAP PM?

What is refurbishment process in SAP PM?

Advertisements. Refurbishment is defined as the process of repairing spare parts and returning the spare parts to the warehouse or to the equipment. You can define a Refurbishment order as Maintenance order by which you can execute the process of refurbishing damaged equipment.

How many types of maintenance notification are there?

There is 3 kinds?of notifications: Problem notification: Notification of a malfunction or problem that has occurred. Maintenance request: Request for tasks to be performed. Activity report: Documentation of activities that have been performed.

How do I find my maintenance order?

You will learn how to create SAP maintenance order, its processing cycle, different statuses and further processing to complete maintenance activities….Change Order.

Menu path Logistics > Plant Maintenance > Maintenance Processing > Order > Change
Transaction code IW32 – Change

What is a maintenance strategy in SAP?

Definition. A maintenance strategy defines the rules for the sequence of planned maintenance work. It contains general scheduling information, and can therefore be assigned to as many maintenance task lists (PM task lists) and maintenance plans as required.

How many steps are there in refurbishment program?

Every used products, which should become a refurbished one, will run through mainly the same 5 steps. These steps are often standardized to ensure a high quality at the end of the refurbished process.

What is the refurbishment process?

Refurbishment is the process of improvement by cleaning, decorating and re-equipping. It may also include elements of retrofitting with the aim of making a building more energy efficient and sustainable.

What is notification type in SAP PM?

To create the notification type, choose Notification → Notification Creation → Notification Type → Define Notification Types in Customizing for Cross-Application Components. Choose the Maintain Groups function key, then assign the new notification type SP to the number range of the maintenance notifications.

What is a PM notification?

It is used to notify maintenance department about an abnormal or exceptional situation(s) in technical objects at the plant. It is also used for planned maintenance activity and to notify planners.

How do you check Mo in SAP?

You can create, change, or display Maintenance Orders in SAP Plant Maintenance using SAP UI tool. You can use different T-Codes IW31, IW32, and IW33 to maintain Maintenance Orders in Plant Maintenance.

How do I close a maintenance order in SAP?

Perform Technical Completion of Maintenance Order Enter the order number to open it in edit mode. Next, select the technically complete flag icon or go to Order > Completion > Complete Technically. A new dialog box will appear where you should select complete notifications checkbox.

What is maintenance item in SAP PM?

Definition. A maintenance item describes which preventive maintenance tasks should take place regularly at a technical object or a group of technical objects. A maintenance item could, for example, be “perform safety test”.

What is shift factor in SAP PM?

The shift factor is the percentage of shift that a plan can move if not completed on time. For example, if a maintenance plan is due Sept. 5, the shift factor will determine the next plan due date.

How do I create a refurbishment order in SAP pm?

Steps for Creating a Refurbishment Order in SAP PM Choose Logistics — Plant maintenance –> Maintenance processing –> Order –> Create (special) –> Refurbishment order. The initial screen appears for creating refurbishment orders. Enter the required data and choose Continue.

As part of the Refurbishment process, you can uninstall the damaged equipment or material from the maintenance plant and it is moved to the Warehouse using movement type 101. A Refurbishment order is created to collect the cost for the refurbishment process.

How do I withdraw the material from a refurbishment order?

Press the To Order button and the following screen will appear: Enter the order number you created in the previous section and execute. The components and quantities you entered on the refurbishment order will appear for selection: Click on the save icon to withdraw the material.

How to create refurbishment order for faulty spare parts?

Repair faulty spare. 5. Perform good receipt with reference to refurbishment order. 6. Order close. Choose Logistics — Plant maintenance –> Maintenance processing –> Order –> Create (special) –> Refurbishment order. The initial screen appears for creating refurbishment orders. Enter the required data and choose Continue.