What is Rqm used for?

What is Rqm used for?

What is RQM? Rational Quality Manager is a test management tool which stores test cases, records test execution and results, maps testing onto requirements and tracks defects.

How do you create a test plan in Rqm?

Creating a master test plan

  1. Open a test plan or create a new one.
  2. Add the child test plans section to the test plan.
  3. In the Table of Contents, click the Child Test Plans section.
  4. To add a test plan to the master, click the Add Existing Test Plan icon .
  5. Select one or more test plans from the list and click OK.

What is Rqm?

Risk and Quality Management. RQM. Realtime Quality Management. RQM. Raum-Quanten-Modulation (space-quantum modulation)

What is Rational Team Concert?

Rational Team Concert is a team collaboration tool that integrates development tasks including iteration planning, process definition, change management, defect tracking, source control, build automation, and reporting.

What is test script Rqm?

One new feature of Rational Quality Manger (RQM) 4.0 is the ability to associate requirements with test script steps. If defects are created, RQM automatically creates the traceability between the defects and requirements, so various stakeholders can obtain the traceability information that matters to them.

What is RTC in software testing?

Rational Team Concert (RTC) is an open, multi-platform team collaboration tool based on Jazz and Eclipse which provides developers with important functionality for agile application lifecycle management (ALM). RTC can support small or large teams which are centralized or geographically distributed.

What is test plan in Rqm?

Test plans in Rational Quality Manager are customizable live artifacts that capture the test process, strategy, and responsibilities, the test schedule, the quality goals, the entry and exit criteria, a set of test suites and test cases, and any other dimension of the testing activities.

What is RFT software testing?

Rational Functional Tester is an object-oriented automated functional testing tool capable of performing automated functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing. RFT supports a wide range of applications and protocols, such as HTML, Java, .

What is jazz tool?

Jazz™ is an IBM initiative that transforms software and systems delivery by making it more transparent, collaborative, and productive. Built on the Jazz platform, it integrates tasks and information across the development lifecycle.

What is Rational Team Concert client?

Rational Team Concert provides users with an Eclipse-based client interface, a Microsoft Visual Studio client interface, and a web interface. The client interfaces provide developers with a rich, integrated development environment for building and delivering artifacts.

How do you run test cases in Rqm?


  1. From an open test case, click the menu arrow next to the Run icon.
  2. Select values in the Run Test Case dialog box.
  3. Click OK or Finish to run the test case.
  4. For each step, follow the instructions in the step and then and assign a verdict to the step.
  5. Optional: To skip steps during test case execution:

What are the features of IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM)?

This includes support and features for Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Scripts, manual execution of test cases and defect management. IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) is the test management solution part of the CLM that helps the user with quality management activities such as Test Planning, Test Case creation, Test Case execution and Test Reporting.

How do I execute a manual test in Rational Quality Manager?

During execution of the test, Rational Quality Manager will present the manual test script in the browser and store the execution results in the centralized RQM repository for future reporting and reference purposes. Go back to the Test Case level, select the Test Script and click on the RUN icon to begin Manual Test Execution

What does RQM stand for?

IBM Rational Quality Manager IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) is the test management solution part of the CLM that helps the user with quality management activities such as Test Planning, Test Case creation, Test Case execution and Test Reporting.

How can I add reuse and automation capabilities to manual tests?

You can add reuse and automation capabilities to manual tests by using keywords. With Rational Quality Manager, you can manage and run test scripts that were created with other tools such as IBM Rational Functional Tester, IBM Rational Performance Tester, Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality, and IBM Security AppScan® Tester Edition.