What is Rykodisc?

What is Rykodisc?

Rykodisc was founded in 1983 as the first CD-only music label. (Ryko is a Japanese word meaning “sound from a flash of light.”) Four years of CD-only releases from a wide variety of musical genres ensued, until Rykodisc also began releasing CD-Quality LPs and Cassettes.

What happened to the Rykodisc label?

While the Rykodisc label is used by Warners as a reissue label, it is an all other respects defunct. In 1992 Ryko introduced the Green Tinted jewelbox with this text on them: “The green-tinted CD jewelbox is a registered trademark of Rykodisc”, they were eventually gradually replaced around 1997 by transparent boxes but text remained.

What does Ryko Analogue mean?

The name “Ryko,” which the label claimed was a Japanese word meaning “sound from a flash of light,” was chosen to reflect the company’s CD-only policy. In the late 1980s, however, the label also began to issue high-quality cassette / vinyl and MiniDisc versions of many releases under the name Ryko Analogue.

Is Rykodisc owned by Warner?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Rykodisc is an American record label owned by Warner Music Group, operating as a unit of WMG’s Independent Label Group and is distributed through Alternative Distribution Alliance .