What is Semcon?

What is Semcon?

Semcon is a Swedish multinational technology company, specialized in product development. Semcon collaborates mainly with companies in the automotive industry, energy and life science sectors.

What has Semcon campaigns done in 2016 for internal product development?

Campaigns from Semcon during 2016 involving internal product development has been Smart Bike Engine, The Smiling Car and Re-Search. Other projects includes Autonomous snow removal vehicle and product information for CEVT.

What happened to Semcon?

Semcon was founded in 1980 in Västerås by Arvid Hansen. In 1983, Hansen also started operations in Gothenburg and, in 1985, the head office was moved to Gothenburg. In 1990, Semcon was sold to VIAK. VIAK was then sold to VBB Group.