What is sin of 150 in radians?

What is sin of 150 in radians?

The value of sin 150 degrees is 0.5. Sin 150 degrees in radians is written as sin (150° × π/180°), i.e., sin (5π/6) or sin (2.617993. . .).

How do you find the value of tan 150 degrees?

The value of tan 150 degrees in decimal is -0.577350269. . .. Tan 150 degrees can also be expressed using the equivalent of the given angle (150 degrees) in radians (2.61799 . . .) ⇒ 150 degrees = 150° × (π/180°) rad = 5π/6 or 2.6179 . . . ∴ tan 150° = tan(2.6179) = -1/√3 or -0.5773502. . .

What is the exact value of cot 150 degrees?

Cot 150 degrees is the value of cotangent trigonometric function for an angle equal to 150 degrees. The value of cot 150° is -√3 or -1.7321 (approx).

How do you solve COS 150?

Answer: The exact value of cos (150∘) is −√3/2 and sin (150∘) is 1/2.

How do you find the value of tan?

As we know, tan is the ratio of sin and cos, such as tan θ = sin θ/cos θ. Thus, we can get the values of tan ratio for the specific angles.

What is the exact value of csc 150?

1 Expert Answer Since sin 30 is 1/2, then sin 150 is also 1/2. That means that csc 150 is the reciprocal, which is 2.

How do you solve Sec 120?

Using trigonometry formulas, we can represent the sec 120 degrees as: ± 1/√(1 – sin²(120°)) ± √(1 + tan²(120°))…We can use trigonometric identities to represent sec 120° as,

  1. -sec(180° – 120°) = -sec 60°
  2. -sec(180° + 120°) = -sec 300°
  3. cosec(90° + 120°) = cosec 210°
  4. cosec(90° – 120°) = cosec(-30°)

Is Cos 150 negative?

Now 150 degrees is in the northwest quadrant of the circle, and -150 degrees is in the southwest quadrant. Each of the lines at these two angles is the same left-right distance from the origin, so cos(150) = cos(-150). Indeed, they are both a negative distance (to the left of the origin).

Is Cos 150 positive or negative?

a 150° lies in the second quadrant so cos 150° is negative.

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