What is SMD LED 5050?

What is SMD LED 5050?

Scroll down to jump to SMD LED 5050 and specification in detail. SMD LED is a Modern era source of light similar to those that is an incandescent lamp and CLF lamps/bulbs. The only difference is shape, size, color, o/p lumens, and power consumption. So let’s discuss more in detail below in this article. What is SMD LED?

What is the size of SMD LED 5630?

What is smd LED 5630? Dimension /size: 5.6mm x 3.0mm Power consumption: Wattage: 0.5W Voltage: 3.3V – 3.4V What is smd LED 2835 / 3528? Dimension /size: 2.8mm x 3.5mm

What does 5630 3528 and led 5050 mean?

Numbers and Chips: What does 5630, 3528 and LED 5050 mean? There is a Standard Size for chip Diodes only. The physical dimension of the smd LED can be determined by seeing at the Number codes on these Chips.

What is the wattage of SMD 5730?

SMD LED 5730- 2b3c/ 2b5c/ 2b7c/ 2b10c are the 3 watt, 5 watt, 7 watt, 10 watt varient respectively. What is smd LED 5630? Dimension /size: 5.6mm x 3.0mm Power consumption: Wattage: 0.5W

What are the different types of SMD LED module?

One of the most common types of SMD LED Modules are the 5050 SMD LED Module. This type of LED is used for backlighting, home illumination, interior lighting, automobile lighting and many more types of lighting applications.

What are the specifications of SMD LED 5730-1?

SMD LED 5730-1 , 1W varient 1 Specifications: 2 Nominal luminous flux Lumen: ~100 3 Dimension/size: 5.7mm x 3.0mm 4 Power consumption: Wattage: 1W 5 Temp: -40 To +80 6 Rated current: 300 mA 7 Voltage:3.3-3.4 V 8 Color: white and multi color

What is the brightest SMD LED?

Thus More number of diode more the brightness of the SMD. Currently, the brightest SMD LED available in the market is in the series of led 5050, 5730. You need to refer the specification of the respective LED with its number, as these numbers are only the physical dimensions.