What is The Au Pair book about?

What is The Au Pair book about?

Emma Rous’ debut novel, The Au Pair, is a delightfully paced gothic tale about a family’s snarled secrets and what happens when you start pulling at their strings. Seraphine is staying at Summerbourne, her family’s manor on the Norfolk coast, mourning the death of her father and reminiscing about her childhood.

Who wrote The Au Pair?

Emma Rous
Emma Rous is the USA Today bestselling author of The Au Pair. She grew up in England, Indonesia, Kuwait, Portugal and Fiji, and from a young age she had two ambitions: to write stories, and to look after animals.

Are au pairs poor?

The cost of an au pair is relatively low: the minimum stipend is just under $200 a week, a bargain compared to the high cost of a full-time nanny or even most major metro area daycares. An au pair in America lives with the family, meaning they’re available in the off-hours when parents need the help most.

Do au pairs cook for the family?

In fact, cooking and preparing food will likely be an almost daily part of their role. As your au pair spends their day caring for your children, a large part of this task will involve preparing their meals.

Is the au pair a good book?

In terms of sheer pleasure and thrill, THE AU PAIR is a very good read, and one that I would easily recommend to thriller lovers, but I would love to see Rous pare down her plot points in future works and focus more on one big reveal. Her wonderful characters and distinctive settings deserve it.

What does the term au pair mean?

Definition of au pair : a usually young foreign person who cares for children and does domestic work for a family in return for room and board and the opportunity to learn the family’s language.

Can an au pair have a second job?

No. Au pairs are permitted to work a maximum of 10 hours per day, 45 hours per week. The program regulations do not permit au pairs to work additional hours for extra pay, regardless of the circumstances.

Can au pair clean house?

As an adult member of your household, your au pair can be expected to clean up after themselves. Au pairs can: Wash or load dishes that only they’ve used. Keep their bedroom tidy.

Does your au pair eat with you?

Au pairs tend to have dinner with their host families often, according to a recent Cultural Care Au Pair host parent poll in which 42% of parents reported that their au pairs joined the family for dinner four to five nights per week.

Can au pair be male?

Au pairs can be male or female. Male au pairs who are generally known as au pair boys or bro pairs may also register on our website to search for a host family on an international basis.