What is the best class in Dragon Age 2?

What is the best class in Dragon Age 2?

Best Dragon Age II Class – Mage.

What happens if you go with Morrigan?

The player stabs Morrigan and she falls backwards through the Eluvian portal. The player and Morrigan kiss and then walk into the Eluvian portal together. If the Warden undertook Morrigan’s Ritual, it is implied that Morrigan will allow the Warden to meet their son (if she was fully romanced).

Is Solas fen Harel?

In the post-credits scene it is revealed that Solas is Fen’Harel, an ancient being who is a member of the elven pantheon of gods, and a recurring trickster figure in Dragon Age lore.

Can you marry Solas?

Solas, known as many things including Egg, can only be romanced by a female Elf.

Does Dragon Age 2 take place at the same time as origins?

Dragon Age 2 happens between these two events, but the game spans about seven or eight years. Hawke and his/her family are refugees from Lothering, so DA2 begins at roughly the same time as DAO and mostly resolves by around 2031 (9:37 Dragon).

What kind of mage is Solas?

For Solas, his skill-tree is the Rift Mage, turning him into a very effective defensive crowd-controller, with several, powerful, area-of-effect attacks.

Why did Solas leave?

In the Temple of Mythal, Solas sheds some light on the elven gods. When the Inquisitor finally defeats Corypheus, Solas laments the destruction of the orb as the loss of yet another elven artifact. With Corypheus defeated and the orb lost, he leaves the Inquisition.

What is the easiest class to play in Dragon Age: Origins?

Generally, the Warrior class offers the simplest gameplay out of all three classes since it packs great strength and solid resistance via simple moves.

Is Morrigan in awakening?

The one way to get both endings is to hold on to the mirror until the post-epilogue save and gift it to Morrigan in the post-epilogue save. This will switch Morrigan back to love and you’ll get the right Awakening epilogue and this way you can still talk to Morrigan in Denerim to get the ring epilogue in Origins.

Can the warden go with Morrigan?

1: The Warden must have been in a romance with her up until the end of Origins. Breaking up prior to the final battle means you can’t go through with her.