What is the best English name for a girl?

What is the best English name for a girl?

Top 1,000 Baby Girl Names of 2020

  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Ava.
  • Charlotte.
  • Sophia.
  • Amelia.
  • Isabella.
  • Mia.

What is the best name for a girl with meaning?

Meaningful Names For Baby Girls

  • Abigail: Hebrew — The father’s joy.
  • Alessia: Italian — Defending warrior.
  • Alexandra: Greek — Helper; defender of mankind.
  • Alice: English — Noble; kind.
  • Amara: Latin — Strong; attractive; stylish.
  • Amelia: German — Industrious; striving.
  • Anne: Hebrew — Favored grace.

What is the most beautiful name for a baby girl?

100 Beautiful Girl Names

  • Uma – Hindi for “mother” and also the name for the Hindu goddess Devi.
  • Valentina – Latin for “good health”
  • Valerie – Latin for “strong”
  • Venus – Greek for the “Goddess of love”
  • Victoria – Latin for “victory”
  • Violet – Latin for “purple”
  • Vivien – Latin for “living” or “lively”

What name means beautiful girl?

Along with Astrid and Bella, other names meaning beautiful in the US Top 1000 include Alana, Beau, Bonnie, Ingrid, Jamal, Jolie, Memphis, and Zain. Other intriguing names that mean beautiful include Mika, Nomi, Callista, and Rumi.

How do you pick a baby girl name?

Here are 10 key considerations that will lead you to the perfect baby girl name….

  1. Tune Out Opinions. It’s normal to feel a little anxiety when choosing a name.
  2. Discern What’s Important.
  3. Settle on a Style.
  4. Consider Popularity.
  5. Think Big Picture.
  6. Consider Your Last Name.
  7. Try the Top Contenders Out.
  8. Don’t Rush Yourself.

What girl name means gift from God?

Hence, they often go for a name that means ‘gift from God’….Names for Girls.

Name Meaning
Diha Gift of God; hermit
Dorothy Gift of God
Gia God’s gracious gift
Gurdita A Punjabi name meaning gift of Guru

What name means miracle?

20 baby names that mean miracle

  • Loreto. This name is derived from a town called Lauretum.
  • Eijaz. Eijaz is a popular Arabic name that means “miracle.” We love how strong and elegant it sounds.
  • Aaron. If you like a biblical name, Aaron might be your perfect match.
  • Milagro.
  • Thaddeus.
  • Mathew.
  • Mikelle.
  • Benedict.

What names mean Princess?

20 Baby Names That Mean Princess For Girls:

  • Ameerah: Ameerah is a name of Arabic origin.
  • Putri: If you want a name that sounds different, yet has a traditional appeal, then you must pick this one.
  • Sarai: The name Sarai has a Biblical connection.
  • Sera:
  • Sadie:
  • Zadie:
  • Soraya:
  • Zarouhi:

What name means princess?

What girl name means blessing?

Girl Names that Mean Blessing Genevieve – French, meaning “God’s blessing.” Beatrix – Latin, meaning “she who brings happiness.” Carwyn – Welsh, meaning “blessed love.” Celestine – Latin, meaning “from the heavens.”

What girl name means blessed?

Girl Names that Mean Blessing Blessing – English, meaning a divine gift. Genevieve – French, meaning “God’s blessing.” Beatrix – Latin, meaning “she who brings happiness.” Carwyn – Welsh, meaning “blessed love.”

What are some good English names for a girl?


  • Emma
  • Ava
  • Charlotte
  • Sophia
  • What are the most uncommon names for girls?

    Uncommon Baby Girl Names. Paola Cora; Brea; Fleur; Alena; Ashlyn; Sariah; Esme; Ember; Aria; Leanna; Marlowe; Milana; Marleigh; Malia; Kimia; Annika; Alanna; Eden; Aubrielle; Aliana; Isla; Frankie; Edgy, Celebrity-Inspired Baby Girl Names. Azalea; Selena; Marilyn Aaliyah; Gwyneth; Luna; Adele; Kylie; Rihanna; Iggy

    What are the most unpopular girl names?

    Nevaeh (“Heaven” spelled backward and one of the most divisive names around,according to Wattenberg.)

  • Destiny (People dislike names that confer a virtue onto a child,Wattenberg said — and many felt associated this name with exotic dancers.)
  • Madison
  • Mackenzie
  • McKenna
  • What are the top 10 girls names?

    Olivia 0

  • Amelia 0
  • Isla+1
  • Ava – 1
  • Mia 0
  • Grace 1+
  • Freya+6
  • Lily -2
  • Sophia+3
  • Ivy+14