What is the best Jedi sage discipline?

What is the best Jedi sage discipline?

Telekinetics is the Best Jedi Sage Combat Proficiency Telekinetics is, unarguably, the best damage output choice for the Jedi Sage.

Can a seer heal?

Seer Sages are a strong healer class. They have strong single target heal combinations, two AoE heal abilities, a very efficient Force Armor shield, have arguably the most mobile healing ability set, and most importantly have the easiest energy management.

What is a Jedi sage?

The Jedi Sage is an advanced class specialization for the Jedi Consular class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This advanced class specializes in the use of Force healing and telekinesis in battle. The Imperial counterpart for this archetype is the Sith Sorcerer specialization for the Sith Inquisitor class.

How do I heal in swtor?

Yes, you have to click on the person you want to heal (no mosueovers) and then use your heals (you can set up keybinds to select people, but I don’t, though I do for my abilities)..

Can seer cancel healing?

“Nothing y’all did today was needed,” said another fan, “his biggest issues is how he can cancel everything from heals to res[uscitation] to using an ability.” Other changes coming in Monday’s patch included a 30-second increase — from 90 seconds to 2 minutes — in the cooldown for Seer’s Ultimate ability.

What powers do seers have?

Gifted Seers have the ability to create Prophecies, which can determine the future of various witches and wizards, and in the case of Harry Potter, change the course of wizarding history.

What is a Jedi Sage master?

Government. Jedi High Council. A Sage Master was a variation of Jedi Master or Jedi Sage that was established by the Jedi Order. These Jedi were some of the most powerful Force users the Jedi Order had ever seen, and elitists among other Sages.

What is a Sith assassin?

The Sith assassins were a sect of covert Force-sensitive killers secretly founded by Darth Revan on Malachor V during the Jedi Civil War. Captured Jedi and Sith soldiers who were found to be Force-sensitive were taken to the Trayus Academy to be trained as Sith assassins.

What is a seer Sage Jedi Consular?

Seer Sage Jedi Consular Basics Guide. The Seer Sage is the rejuvenation master of Consulars, assisting with an array of Force Healing powers that grant allies the strength to continue through even the harshest of encounters. Separated from the heart of the fray, the Seer can be an unfailing warden to those in need.

What are Jedi Consular trained to do?

They are trained to… Jedi Consular, much like other SWTOR classes have access to two specializations/advanced classes which you can choose at level 10: Jedi Sage wields a single-bladed lightsaber, has powerful telekinetics/healing and is a ranged controller with damage or healing powers.

What are the abilities of a Jedi Sage?

Jedi Sage The Jedi Sage’s abilities will focus on healing and removing negative effects on allies. They will also have a powerful range of force powers to attack enemies at range. Read more about…

Can Sage healers still take empowered restorer?

Once a viable option for Sage healers, net of changes in 6.1.1 to reduce the uptime on Mental Alacrity and buffs to Empowered Restorer it should no longer be taken by healers. Increased drop rate from conquest. (4) Refreshing Rejuvenate on a target refunds 5 Force.