What is the best weapon in Half-Life?

What is the best weapon in Half-Life?

Don’t be fooled by the goofy and cumbersome look, the Gluon Gun is a lot more than just for when there’s something strange in the neighborhood. It’s by far the most powerful weapon in the first Half-Life.

What guns are in Half-Life?


  • Glock 9mm Pistol. Just your plain old 9mm pistol, don’t waste rounds because you will have to reload.
  • . 357 Magnum.
  • Assault Shotgun. advertisement.
  • MP-5.
  • Fragmentation Grenade.
  • Satchel Charges.
  • Trip Mines.
  • RPG (Laser-Guided Rocket Launcher)

Why does the Gravity Gun turn blue?

When exposed to the Confiscation Field in the Citadel, the Gravity Gun is “supercharged” rather than being vaporized as other weapons are. Once supercharged, the Gravity Gun emits blue light rather than orange, quakes in Gordon’s hands, and creates small bolts of energy across its muzzle.

What does the Gluon Gun do?

Game information The Gluon Gun, or Quantum Destabilizer, is an experimental weapon that fires a devastating laser capable of disintegrating organic matter.

How does the gravity gun work?

Like most other weapons in the game, the gravity gun has two trigger functions. The primary trigger causes the gun to emit a small discharge which emits energy to the targeted object. The distance which the object is forced is dependent on its weight and distance from the gun.

What is the pistol in Half-Life 2?

USP Match
The USP Match, also known as the 9mm Pistol, is a semi-automatic handgun and the first firearm Gordon Freeman acquires in Half-Life 2. The USP Match appears to be the Combine’s standard sidearm, and is often carried by Civil Protection officers.

What is the SMG in Half-Life?

Heckler & Koch MP5
The Heckler & Koch MP5, simply known as the Submachine Gun or SMG, is a weapon featured in Half-Life and its expansions. The primary weapon used by the HECU, it is an automatic weapon with a high rate of fire. It is also equipped with the ‘Shorty’ version of the M203 grenade launcher that boosts its effectiveness.

Who invented Gravity Gun?

In 1884, Hiram Maxim built the first effective machine gun, which revolutionized warfare. Born in 1840 in Sangersville, Maine, Maxim was apprenticed at 14 to a carriage maker.

How big is the Gravity Gun?

2-feet long
The Gravity Gun, also known as the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator, is a full-size, 1:1 scale model of the tractor-beam weapon featured in the Half-Life video games. It measures nearly 2-feet long and features glowing orange LEDs, 2 handles, 2 triggers, and 4 unique sounds directly from the video game.

Where can I buy a Gluon Gun?

The Gluon Gun cannot be obtained in the Opposing Force campaign, but can be picked up in multiplayer maps.

Where is the revolver in Black Mesa?

In Blue Shift, the player finds the weapon in the chapter Captive Freight next to a dead security guard near a Black Mesa SUV.

What happened to the red and orange tracer particles?

After Valve Software stopped using orange and red particles for hornets, the hornets emitted blue tracers instead of red. The orange tracers stayed the same.

What is the difference between the gluon gun and HL?

The Gluon Gun drains ammo at half the normal rate compared to HL and also hits everything around the target for reduced damage. The Gluon Gun was originally to have two fire modes: A wide beam and a thin beam. These would be toggled between by turning the handle 90 degrees.

How does the secondary attack work in half life?

However, in Half-Life: Opposing Force (if obtained via cheats), pressing the secondary attack key will simply cause it to fire normally. Pressing the reload key will also causes the viewmodel to play an idle animation for 0.15 seconds, as this weapon doesn’t need to be reloaded.