What is the concept of curriculum development?

What is the concept of curriculum development?

Curriculum development is the multi-step process of creating and improving a course taught at a school or university. Either way, the individual or group is responsible for planning a course (and choosing strong corresponding course materials) that effectively accomplishes educational goals and meets student needs.

Who is the founder of curriculum?

According to Joseph Schwab, discipline is the sole source of curriculum. In our education system, curriculum is divided into chunks of knowledge called subject areas in basic education including English, mathematics, science, and social studies.

What are the curriculum development activities?

It also shows the interaction and relationships of the four essential phases of the curriculum development process: ( I) Planning, (II) Content and Methods, (III) Implementation, and (IV) Evaluation and Reporting. Evaluations should occur in most of the steps to assess progress.

What is curriculum theory design and development in education?

Curriculum theory is the theory of the development and enactment of curriculum. Within the broad field of curriculum studies, it is both a historical analysis of curriculum and a way of viewing current educational curriculum and policy decisions.

Who is responsible for curriculum development?

Historically, teacher education has been at the forefront of global educational development. According to [11] , curriculum development and the role of teachers in curriculum development are critical.

What is the best model of curriculum development?

The Tyler Model • One of the best known curriculum models is The Tyler Model introduced in 1949 by Ralph Tyler in his classic book Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction in which he asked 4 questions: 1.

Who contributed the curriculum development?

Professor of educational administration at the University of Chicago, Franklin Bobbitt played a leading role during the first three decades of the twentieth century in establishing curriculum as a field of specialization within the discipline of education.

Who contributed to the foundation of curriculum?

Curriculum theorist, curriculum reformer, and teacher educator, Hilda Taba contributed to the theoretical and pedagogical foundations of concept development and critical thinking in social studies curriculum and helped to lay the foundations of education for diverse student populations.

What are the 3 types of curriculum development?

There are three models of curriculum design: subject-centered, learner-centered, and problem-centered design.

Who are involved in the curriculum design and development?

The teachers’ involvement in the curriculum development process is essential in meeting the needs of society. The process of curriculum development requires teachers to act and reflect on society’s needs in each stage of the development process.

What are the main theories and models of curriculum development?